Friday, August 18, 2006

Tag It Dang It

Let’s do it!

Ten Years Ago
I was a financial analyst for Lucent Technologies

Five Years Ago
Started my retirement, but not happy about it. Love it now. Started taking yearly cruses with the family.

One Year Ago
Had my gallbladder removed and I now feel so good I wish I had done it as a kid.

Five Songs I Know All the Words to
1. “Puff The Magic Dragon,” PP&M
2. “Happy Birthday To You,” Somebody
3. “Love to Lay You Down,” Conway Twittie
4. “Jesus Loves Me,” GOD
5. “Ally Oop,” The Hollywood Argyles

Five Snacks I Love and Wish I Could Eat
1. My Mothers Chocolat Cake
2. Macdonald's Fries with extra salt
3. Banana Pudding
4. 5th Ave. Candy Bar
5. Banana Split with nuts

Five Places I’d Run Away to
1. Japan
2. Hawaii
3. Marco Island
4. The Mountains
5. Alaska

Five Favorite TV Shows (current or vintage)
1. “Lost”
2. “Deadwood”
3. “Sopranos”
4. “Da Vinci's Inquest”
5. “Survivor”

Five Things I’d Never Wear
1. Thong Skivvies
2. Women's Clothes
3. Anything Supporting Democrats
4. A Spandex Swim Suite
5. Anything That Requires Sticking Something On or Into My Body, Face, Ears or Private Parts

Five Favorite Toys
1. The Grandkids
2. The Boat
3. Digital Camera
4. The TV Remote
5. My PC

Since I don't know anyone else, this is the end of the tag.

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Beth said...

Please sing "Puff the Magic Dragon" for me next time you see me, uncle!