Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Mouse

Its-a-pugs-life, Marni, has tagged me to tell about my some of my previous loves. This will take some time to think about it because I honestly do not remember most of their names. I remember the activities, but not the names. Maybe they were not “loves” but “something to do.” I liked/loved them at the time, but…

I am more excited about having the grandkids this weekend than I am about past loves. It has been almost a month since Sweet Tea and I have seen them. I have been under the weather. I came down with a case of bronchitis on November 6th. I had felt like I was coming down with a cold a couple of days before that. However, the cough set in on the sixth and I had to work the elections (13 hours) fighting the cough; drinking cough syrup like I thought it was good.

Anyway, the next Saturday we left on a Caribbean cruse with friends that I served with in the Navy. It was their 50 anniversary and they are in better shape than I am. The bronchitis moved from my chest to my ears and I went totally deaf in my left ear. There was a constant “white noise” and pain ever time I moved my head, especially if I bent over. I visited the doctor on board. You know what you call the person who graduates last in his medical school? Doctor! You know what you call a doctor who graduated last in his medical school? Ship’s Doctor. He didn’t know what to do. He though my eardrum was busted. He would do nothing because he thought my ear drum was busted. He wanted me to see an ENT when I got home. He gave me some pills and that was about it. So I didn’t visit any ports of call. I stopped by the emergency room on the way home and got some antibiotics. I still cannot hear well out of my left ear, so if you answer this blog, TYPE LOUD.

The reason I set down to write today is not because of the ramblings above, but to tell you about The Mouse. J Man and Bug are so funny. They say some the cutest things that could get them in trouble at home. They will sneak in the word “ass” or say “damn” and look kind of sheepishly out of the sides of their heads to see if me or Sweet Tea (Me Maw) heard them or are going to say something. Not happen. I love it. But they got it honest.

When Marni was crawling around the floor at my parents house, my dad would reach down and pick her up and say, “Is this the mouse of the house I just caught?” So from then on Marni has been know as “Mouse or Mousey” One day, when Mouse was six Paw Paw picked her up on his lap and asked, “What grade are you in in school?”

Mouse: “The first grade.”

Paw Paw: “Thats great! Are you teaching, yet?”

Mouse: “No, Paw Paw! I’m only six.”

Paw Paw: “Ah Pshaw!” (An old Southern saying meaning “no shit”)

Mouse: Looking at him as seriously as a six year old can said, “I ain’t shitting you, Paw Paw.”

My dad laughed about that for the rest of his life. He loved that girl.

Meanwhile, back in the day, cars did not have seat belts, where made of steel and hard plastic and could take like that would total today’s cars. So when Mouse rode with me she would stand next to me, just behind my right shoulder, her left arm propped on my shoulder. One day I was coming to a stop to make a left turn when another car cut across my front, making his left turn, and just missed my front finder. I didn’t say anything. Didn’t have time, because The Mouse looked over her left shoulder and said, “Bastard!” I had to park. She’s still that way, too. Full of surprises and humor. It’s just that her brood has had better rearing than she did.

I know! I am rambling again. But there are just soooo many stories. Mouse is one of my past/present loves.


Anonymous said...

Yeah - they get it honest. Thanks, Dad...

Anonymous said...

BTW - I never knew exactly how I got that nickname... I got kind of teary eyed when I read it. I loved that old man, too. AND I love you...

Anonymous said...

ah thats right sweet you two.
sorry you been so ill and whilst on a cruise as well poor poor you hope you feeling better.
like that about the ships doctor ha but not good for you!

Life, or Something Like It said...

That is sooo cute! I hope that you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

See...and Marni continues to keep you and all of us laughing! I tend to think you did a fine job of raising her - hence why she has such nice kids too, eh?

Sorry you were sick - doesn't sound like much fun at all - but we are glad you are back!


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

How sweet! :-D I liked reading this. Tender side, I guess--yours, I mean. :-D

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Yeah, rereading this, still loving it. Your tender side shows here.