Tuesday, May 29, 2007

John Enters

Her Indoors had an interesting post. One of her blogging friends gave her this suggestion and I though I would do it too. Man, how can something so random be so close to my personality? It's freaky.

Here’s what you do. Go to Google and type in your name and the word “needs.” I put in John (because that in my first name. See how easy it is. I figured it out on my own, too,) and “needs.” Like this, if you are having trouble keeping up with this: John needs! Then list the first 10 things that come up under your search. The list below is for real, people.

John needs…
1. Operation after hooker bites penis.
2. Your Bone marrow.
3. To get his patootie back here.
4. My life work.
5. Help – AnimeNation AnimeForums. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?
6. Sex, Lies and Scandals
7. More Paper
8. Needs your help please. – Now that is more true than you may think.
9. New ideas.
10. Called to service again.

Strange and interesting. Try yours and let me know what happens.


Pamela said...

I saw that post somewhere else and just did it for fun.. and there was way to much about Boobs.
(Pamela Anderson I presume. NOW that should get you some google hits.)

her indoors said...

1. LOL
2. its yours
3. not surprised after no 1!!
6. even after no 1!!!!

SkippyMom said...

I am sorry, but number 1 is PRICELESS....it just won't be any fun doing my own after reading THAT! giggle.....Does ST know? kidding, kidding....

Beth said...

Omigod; I've never seen you summed up better!

Biddie said...

Every time I do this, I just get references to Bridget Jones' Diary.
Nothing nearly as exciting or as funny as yours!

DJ Andi said...

I did it. Not as exciting as yours but interesting nonetheless.

Check it out.