Friday, November 23, 2007

My Thanksgiving and Afterward

I’m having a great "Black Friday" and I had a great Thanksgiving, too. I started Thanksgiving out by sleeping in late; then drinking a couple cups of coffee while going through my blog list.

Then I went to the Waffle House to have some biscuits and gravy and bacon. One of the ladies who waitresses part-time waited on me. I don’t get to see her much because she works three jobs. She helps small businesses get automated by updating their computer systems and accounting flows. She sells something like Magic Chef or Avon or something, and she works as a waitress. I don’t know what has happened in her life to have her in a position like that, but she is always smiling, very friendly to me, and we swap books every now and then. I love her to death.

She made my day by buying me breakfast. She happens to be the only black lady among a group of pill popping, booze drinking, snaggled tooth women who complain all the time, and she is smarter that the whole group put together. But she seems to think I am nice or something. Boy have I got her fooled. Little does she know that I am a lecherous old fart, but I just can’t remember why.

Later on that morning Sweet Tea called to wish me Happy Thanksgiving. And then I went to pick up my sister, Mary, and take her out for a late Thanksgiving dinner. She is 78 years-old and isn’t in the best of shape. She is a bad diabetic and passes out at least twice a week. But she is more like my mother that the real one was, and I would do anything for her.

My younger “sister”, Stephen, also came along. He is suffering with Parkinson’s and won’t be able to drive much longer. I told him I bet he really gets confused when he goes to the bathroom because his hand shakes so much. He leaves happy, drained and satisfied, but he doesn’t understand why.

Marni, Carl, J-Man and Bug also joined us. I love these occasions because my family laughs. We laugh and joke about our ailments and situations and each other. Marni can attest to the fact that she got her humor honestly. We believe that, if you can’t laugh at yourself and your life, then you are probably adopted.

After the dinner, J-Man asked to come home with me. Bug loves when J-Man does this because it means quality time with mom and dad without pesky brother around. I kind of like it a little bit, too.

When we got home, he immediately got a cardboard box and cut out a rifle and knife. I helped him fix the knife so that it would fit on the end of the rifle, and he turned over a few small tables and spread cushions and cardboard around and made a fort. So, while I watched football, he fought of scores of “enemy” solders and made it safe for us in Woodstock.

So now it is "Black Friday." Why they call it that is beyound me - unless it has somehting to do with an accounting term that means you have made a profit (vs being in the red.) J-Man and I went to, guess, yep, Waffle House. We then went riding around the lake and talked about how you can see the rivers that make up the lake now that it is soooo low. We then road up to Kennesaw Mountain, Cheatham Hill, and Kolb Farm and talked about life during the Civil War. He loves history as much as I do.

We then met Marni and I dropped him off. It’s quiet now and I am wishing the kiddies and Sweet Tea were here. But people in Hell want ice water, too. Some things just can’t be.


When Darkness Falls... said...

That sounds like such a great day! There is nothing in this world like family!

coffeypot said...


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Sounds like a great day! Two great days. I'm seeing the grandchildren for Thanksgiving tomorrow and baked another bumbleberry pie and cookies and made cranberry salad today. Three thanksgivings is a bit much but I am realy looking forward to the grandkids tomorrow.

On the other hand, one of the things that made this a good day is that piano boy was gone all day and not pestering me. He's been really annoying lately. (But also more affectionate, go figure.)

gawilli said...

It sounds like a great holiday, even though not all of your family was there. And Kennesaw Mountain and the other areas, according to Google, look like a nice way to spend the day. You are a very lucky man, Coffeypot.

e.Craig said...

Your drive around the lake sounds enchanting. You survived Black Friday quite well it seems.
I laid around the house all day, then drove a granddaughter and her girlfriend home to Circleville. A 3 hour round trip.

coffeypot said...

mst, it was a great two days. Still is.

gawilli, yes I am. The colors on the trials and all over the mountain are beautiful. I love the fall.

e.craig, still not a bad drive. Beat's going to the mall.

Brother Dave said...

You seem to describe an enjoyable Thanksgiving and Black Friday overall.

Ours has been very nice.

Cooper Green said...

Gee, Black Friday sounds so festive. I picture a bunch of hungover shoppers, burping turkey and cursing their bad luck with the booze thing. We have Boxing Day, equally festive but extremely violent. Same people, different holiday. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Nadine said...

Glad to hear you had a nice holiday. I didn't leave the house either day, and that was mighty nice.

Jim Latchford said...

Family and friends...what holidays are made for. My wife and daughter were in Cincinatti visiting her son and our two grandbabies. I elected to remain behind. Hosted a "come if you care to" Thanksgiving lunch at the local Cracker Barrel for the folks in my Divorce Care class that Judi and I facilitate. Holidays are particularly difficult for these folks, and just having a bunch of kindred souls around to laugh with helps them get through the day. They are my friends and it warmed my heart to share a part of my day with them. As a side note, I too am a history buff...particularly the Civil War. Have been to 90% of the battle sites and have a library of dozens of books on the subject. I knew I liked you!!

RWA said...

Well, coffeypot, it sounds like quite a day.

And it sounds like you've got quite a friend there at the Waffle House.

kittenpower said...

Oh buddy, you had me at Waffle House!
I love me some WA HO! Hashbrowns-scattered, double covered. I swoon for them!

Your description of the waitresses is perfection. Snaggle toothed. Oh hell yes... One of the charms of the Waffle House. That's nice that you actually found a quality one. They are few and far between. :)

I think it's great that you and the family can laugh at yourselves. B/c, if you can't laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at anyone else?

coffeypot said...

Cooper, I stay away from the malls on Black Friday, the day after Christmas and the closeout sales at the end of the physical year. Those days are for professional shoppers and we amateurs need not get in their way. I’ve heard of lost limbs, gouged out eyes, ruined dental work over the last pair of crotch-less panties. So I am staying away from the malls.

Nadine, snug and cozy works for me, too.

Jim, doing something like that can, in some ways, mean more than being with the family. And I’ve been to several battlefields: Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Kennesaw, Cheatham Hill and Kennesaw (Big Shanty of the Great Locomotive Chase fame), Peachtree Creek and several other sites here in Georgia as well as Bull Run (Manassas) in Virginia. I plan on attending more, plus I want to see Custer’s Battlefield, too.

RAW, it was quiet a couple of days. Brother Jim said something about your broadcast being later next Tuesday. What gives?

Kittenpower, thanks for stopping by and welcome. And how’s your mama’nem? I have added you to my blog role simply because you are a Georgia Peach and I don’t get to correspond with home state people much. Come on back anytime, ya hear?

Olly said...

Yikes! I watched the hords of shoppers on the news yesterday. I would pay double for almost anything to avoid facing those masses. I keep promising myself a mall-free Christmas, but end up having to brave it anyway...

Loved the reference to your brother, Stephen, and his bathroom dilema with parkinsons!!! You have such a great sense of humour!

coffeypot said...

olly, thanks. What is your blog site? I would like to return the compliment by reading your stuff, too.

Olly said...

Sadly, I don't have a blog (yet). I would love to start one, but:

- Don't know where to begin.

- Am afraid of committing to anything.

- Really don't know it I can squeeze any more time out of my life.

- Last, but not least, exposing myself for the neurotic lunatic that I really am will disappoint people!

I could come up with a multitude of excuses, none that are too valid. I was introduced to blogging by happening across Dilling's blog and just went from there. I really enjoy lurking and posting. Everyone is sooo nice. So maybe sometime soon, Coffeypot, but for now (at least until I'm not sharing a computer) this will have to do!


coffeypot said...

Hell, ollie, we’re all neurotic as hell around here. This is a way to ease some the neurosis and make friends at the same time. Read some of the blogs on my blog role. People write things that they would never say in person. It can be a release, and I can bet that no one will think you are any crazier than the rest of us.

You never have to tell your name to any one on the blog, or even where you live. And, if you go back to my first blog, I said that I couldn’t imagine any one being interested in what I had to say. They still aren’t, but they always seem to answer me and be a part of my life.

It is a way to say whatever is on your mind, talk about your fears, your desires, your wishes, or share some talent you may have. But I do understand the importance of having your privacy on the computer. So just lurk for now, and maybe your time will come when you can have your own computer.

When you want to get started, email me – it’s on my profile – and I will do what I can to get you started. If I’m not good enough, then there are a few million people out there that will help you. I know a few personally, and they will be more than happy to help you, too.

Look forward to reading your comments, ollie.

coffeypot said...

Oh, yeah, ollie! I forgot to tell you that if you do get a blog, it is password protected so that you can still have some privacy on a shared computer. Don't know your situation, but it is something to think about.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

It's black Friday becasue there are all those wretched crowds clogging up the malls. GAK!

Christine said...

After 7 straight days of nothing BUT family, I am pretty much over every one of those people claiming to be related to me.
I highly recommend it for curing you of any feelings of loss once the little ones leave.

her indoors said...

i commented here i really did and it gone! you know what happens dont you? i click publish comment and then bugger of without checking to see i have got the word verification right sheeez i am stupid sometimes, only sometimes mind!

glad you enjoyed your thanksgivng and 'black friday' even though sweet tea wasn't with you.

her indoors said...

checked this time and all is ok lol

Pamela said...

I'm picturing you patting your belly, and having a wistful/lonesome gleam in your eye.

GrizzBabe said...

Wow, two trips to the Waffle House in two days. Sweet Tea needs to come home quick!

Hot Lemon said...

Th' Haus o' Der Waffle is the bestest damned place to eat in th' whole wide world. I think it's wonderful that you've got your fav waitress snowed into thinking you're a nice ol' fart-- I'm working on that with a few people I know, so you'll have to give me pointers.

Makes me wish I had more friends n' fambly down here.

Oh, and yes, th' "black" in "Black Friday" is an accounting term dating back to when ledgers were kept in pen: black for profit, red for debt.

coffeypot said...

Christine, after everyone leaves, it’s like water finding its own level after the storm. Everything returns to “normal” – what ever that is.

Kate, I had to activate the word verification because I was beginning to get a lot of spam comments. I don’t like it because you have a hard time reading the shit, but I had to use it.

Pamela, I almost rubbed a blister on my belly I was so satisfied. The wistful look was because I was thinking about a piece of Sweet Potato pie. (Sweet Potato is no kin to Sweet Tea. Just a coincidence!)

Hot Lemon, where is family and friends from? You didn’t get to see them this year? Bummer!