Friday, August 15, 2008

Greetings From Another Place

I’m sitting here on a bed in my boxers (steady girls) at the Tavelodge in Winchester, VA. This is my first post away from home on my new laptop. I took Mary Taitt’s advice and picked up one so I could still blog when I am transporting the dogs for Dr. Amber.

I left home at 6:00 PM yesterday and drove the 60 miles to Jefferson, GA (home of Jefferson Speedway and Road Atlanta) to pick up the little dudes and dudetts. This time I had 4 poodle puppies, two terrier puppies and 6 adult and 10 mixed breed puppies. Small load this time.

But I have driven 1,533 miles since leaving home. I have about 450 more miles left to go to tomorrow. But there is a full moon and going over the mountains at the Yadkin Gap in North Carolina and Virginia makes for some pretty viewing.

But, needless to say, I am tired, so BYE!


Special K said...

I cannot believe you post about sitting around in your boxers and don't post pictures!!!

sweet dreams!

Nekked Lizard Man said...

For reasons that have probably troubled me in my early years, I no longer wear boxers, but could if the occasion required it. Mostly because, I always thought boxers should have more than one button or at least a zipper or velcro or something.

Brother Dave said...

I am surprised that you were not in your boxers at a Waffle House.

Smart deal to have a laptop along.

This next week we are getting a MacBook (laptop) for Shirley.

e.Craig Crawford said...

Ain't wi-fi great? We get to read about you in your boxer undies as it is happening. What more could we ask for? On second thought.. disregard that question.

GrizzBabe said...

Thirty-two dogs is a small load?

coffeypot said...

special k, I did but they are posted on my porn site under one hung low.

nlm, you are having the same problem I have with loose boxers - the horse leaving the barn without any assistance. I guess I should have said ‘boxer brief.’ They have more room than jockeys, but snugger than loose boxers. And the horse stays snug and warm, too.

bd, I do wear shorts at the WH, but I’m too shy to go in with just my unmentionables on. Sweet Tea call me today while I was on my last leg heading home and told me to be careful at the WH because the news reported today that a man was shot at a WH close by. I told her not to worry, he died of lead poisoning, not over cooked hash browns.

e.craig, it was neat having the wi-fi, but to tell you the truth I was so tired that I could only read about half my peeps blogs. My next purchase will be a web-cam for everyone’s enjoyment.

grizzbabe, smaller than I usually take. Normally there are around 40 dogs, but this trip there were more small puppies than usual. This means that more smaller dogs fit into a large cage and, there fore, less cages. It just looked smaller because of that.

e.Craig Crawford said...

You're gonna get a web cam for everyone's ENJOYMENT? What have you been smoking. We've seen your ugly mug.

RWA said...

I hope you took a few laps around Road Atlanta while you were down there.

Hope you have a safe trip.

Biddie said...

Oooo, boxers....Now I will be thinking of you all night :)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Hey, Sorry I missed this when you posted it. I hope you enjoy your laptop, get soem use out of it, and have fun posting while you're traveling--hope you aren't always too exhausted to enjoy it.

And yeah, where are the photos, LOL!!!

you could at least include a LINK!