Thursday, October 02, 2008

Let's Play Four

I received this challenge from Mary Taitt over at No Polar… Meme’s are so fucking fun, but she is holding my cat, Chaplin, captive until I do it. So to save Chaplin, here goes:

Let’s Play Four

A) Four Places That I Go To Over And Over: Waffle House, Bathroom, New York and New Jersey.

B) Four People Who Email Me Regularly: Chuck, Kristen, Judy and Someone trying to sell me Viagra.

C) Four Of My Food Favorites: Mexican, Chinese, Italian and Salads – with sweet tea or diet coke.

D) Four Things I’d Like To Do: Star in a porn movie (you always look bigger on the screen,) Race in a NASCAR event, Fuck Catherine Bell and Dana Delaney (at the same time if possible) and Be twenty years old again so I can have the stamina to fuck Misses Bell and Delaney.

E) Four People I Think Will Respond: To What? Two are Misses Bell and Delaney in a positive manner (ie without legal action.)

F) Four Things I Did Yesterday: Went to the Waffle House, Transported a King Ranch Ford to another dealer, bought cold medicine, slept the rest of the day.

If I have to pick four others to do this I choose, Special K, TruckinDog, Mr. Guinness, and/or Marni


Special K said...

Dana Delaney?
I'm impressed

Marni said...


Burfica said...

OoO cold medicine??? Let the good times roll. hehehehe

Tookie Tail said...

Yes,I'm back. Didn't think anyone noticed. LOL I did this on my site. Go check it out!

RWA said...

My goodness.

I really don't see how anyone could ever top such a list.

Tookie Tail said... need to check out todays post! ;)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! What a riot, you are TOO funny! (That's why I love it when you do these, yr so creatively humorous! LOL! YAY!

Scarlet said...

D- You might need that viagra email address after all.