Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Give Them A Try

I don’t usually do this because I think most of you have plenty of reading to do from hour own blog list, but sometimes there is something very funny on someone else’s blog or something worth mentioning. My friend and fellow blogger, Jim Latchford, has a blog that is very well written and very informative, though at time a little long.

Today I read his post and I think it is work asking you to drop by and read. We are of like mind when it comes to the state of the union, and he as written a very good piece in expressing his concern for our economy.

Another post is Mr. Guinness. He too post some well written pieces and is a fine Irishman from the Boston area living in the panhandle of Florida. He post mostly about the red-tape of trying to live his life and run his new business.

Neither are paying me (but they can if they want too.) I just think they should be read and commented on. That is, if you are concerned about America and things that are going on.

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