Friday, April 24, 2009

Yahoo! Great Job


You guys are doing awesome in your voting for Dr. Amber, Susan and Leftover Pets.

At the beginning of the week they were 176th in the State and over 2,800 in the Nation.

As of this morning LOP was 14th in the State and 548 in the Nation. This includes many major agencies who advertise on television and radio and the press.

This is awesome considering they are a two lady operation (with volunteers helping by fostering some of the animals). They are also a registered non-profit organization for those of you who do wish to donate. But this is not a request for money, just your vote. Keep up the good work and keep voting everyday.

Go to:

Then go to the right side and click on ‘click here’ button. Then click on the purple button (Click Here To Give – It’s Free) to give free food and then look for the red "Vote Now!" at the top of the page. After you vote, scroll down toward the bottom and put in Leftover Pets in Braselton, GA. You can vote once each day through July 26th.

Please support Leftover Pets in this contest. You can vote for us once daily. If we win any money, it will go to save the lives of dogs and cats in kill shelters. Thanks for your support! Feel free to pass along to your contacts as well. The more votes, the better our chances to win.

This little operation saves at least 20 dogs and puppies every month. In May I will be going to New York twice (the 7th and the 14th) to deliver almost 50 dogs and puppies. You guys will help make this happen and it will not cost you any money, just a few minuets of your time.

Thanks, PEEPS!

You bloggers on my email list will be getting this through the email, too. Not beacuse I don't turst you, but it may make those of you who are not as computer save like me an easier way to point and clik.
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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Such a worthwhile investment!