Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gone Again


On the road again hauling a load of these in one of those to New York.

I'll wave at you peeps as I go by in SC, NC, VA, PA, WVA, ME (is that Maryland's initials?,) PA and NJ. But you may have to stay up all night to wave back as that is when I do most of the driving.

See y'all on Saturday night or Sunday.
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Anonymous said...

traveling careful.

Unknown said... travels! MD is Maryland, but you were close!
Beautiful Setter!

Pamela said...

ME is maine
I see airmanmom put you on the straight n narrow on Maryland

Biddie said...

Have a safe trip. maybe one of these days you will head my way with some critters and we can have a real pot of coffee :)

Jan said...

Have a Safe Trip, John!