Monday, September 14, 2009

More On Hope

If you are thinking about adopting an MP that I spoke about a couple of post ago, please go to Hope's site (on my blog roll) and she what she has to say about the guys and gals. Due to the nature of their work, there is a measure of secrecy in their job. But the 20 names she has are names the 1Sgt gave her who have not received any mail at all.

Just work with Hope and you will be rewarded in one way or another. Also, she is in dire need for monetary donations. She has an icon for a PayPal donation. She is also working on becoming a Non Profit organization so that you might have a tax deduction, too.

But the important thing is the moral of the dudes and dudetts who need to feel the love, too.

Thanks for what ever you can do.



Anonymous said...

Hope is the best mil support woman I've ever know. She truly cares about our troops...they see every penny donated....along with a few of her own. She's funny and real and a great morale booster.

I need to get back to supporting the troops myself. I just have to remember where I put those boxes after the move....hmmm???
ohhh well, the PO gives 'em too us free anyway. I'll just go get more...

I'm glad you posted this Coffeypot. :)

Coffeypot said...

Wrexie, thank you. I just wish other people would see the commitment she has to the troops and nothing for herself. She wants a t-shirt from the 3/3 but is hesitant about asking Mike for one. She gives and gives but is reluctant to ask for a t-shirt. What can ya do?