Friday, November 20, 2009


An old Navy buddy from back in the day sent this to me. I never knew there was an extended version to TAPS. Regardless, this is beautiful and made my eyes sweat.

The conductor of the orchestra is Andre Rieu from Austria. I do not know who the young lady is, but I love her trumpet and her rendition of TAPS.

Perhaps many of you have never heard taps played in its entirety. (I certainly haven't and have been unaware of the uncut version.) This is an opportunity you won't want to miss and I guarantee you'll never forget.

This is for my blogging buddies, Alex, Dan, Larry, Charlie, Mike, Niki, Morgan, Ed, Bob, Leslie and the rest who have lost friends and family in service to their country as well as those who have gone on since returning home. I thank you guys and wish from the bottom of my heart you didn't have to go through and see the stuff you experienced. You are all heroes to me.

Jokes to follow later!


Sarge Charlie said...

Wow mr coffey, that is one hell of a renditation of Taps, thanks, my eyes are sweating also.

I will be looking for a good opportunity to post this video.

Gregorio Martino said...

That one got me too as it always does. I followed you over here from another blog on a whim because I was thinking about having an after lunch cup of coffee and the name just struck me. I have never heard that full version although I played the shorter one a few times in my youth. My friend and I would get asked to play at funerals for military members way back in the day. On the evening of 911, I walked outside my house in the darkness and played it one more time.

I am retired Navy myself and what really struck me strange about your blog is that you are from Woodstock Ga which is where my grandmother was from. Small world.

Coffeypot said...

Sarge, I knew you would one who would appreciate this video. Thanks, buddy.

Gregorio, thanks for stopping by and thanks for you service. I understand the military is getting away from the live playing of Taps and use recording instead. That is more sad than the funeral. A veteran deserves the full treatment, not a lip-sync.

sherrie said...

The conductor of the orchestra is not from Austria. He's from the Netherlands.
You can learn more about him and his orchestra at
He also has many fan sites all over the world, just google him.
His concerts are simply the best and should he come to a city near you, you might consider going to enjoying his music. It's like nothing you'll ever see or hear!

Coffeypot said...

Sherrie, thank you for the correction. I just posted what I received. I would love to hear him perform. If he comes to the Atlanta area I will try go.

Tatersmama said...

I stopped by from CindyDianne's blog, and I'm so glad that I did.
This was absolutely beautiful, and I played it through twice.
The second time in memory of friends lost...

Thank you for sharing, and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was not Taps, although it's often confused for Taps. It's a classical piece called Il Silenzio, and the young lady, Melissa Venema was 13 when that was taped. I was at that concert in Andre Rieu's home town of Maastricht, Netherlands. A great web site to find out all about Andre Rieu and his concerts is