Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Got Mail

Let me interrupt your normal blogging activities for this post. This is kina long, but please read it all the way.

Man I got a great surprise in the mail today.

As some of you may know, I send a few things and letters to some great people in harms way. Today one of the guys I met through Hope at Hope Radio sent me, not one, but two letters. This is not a usual thing, especially for an old man. Young ladies and pretty women, MILF’s and Cougars get much more mail from the troops than someone like me. So it just tickles me like a feather duster on my nuts to get these two letters.

A few months ago Hope at Hope Radio sent out an enquiry to see if some of you in my blog world and some in her blog world would be interested in helping out a group of MP’s that were going without or very few bits of mail. So I volunteered.

I try to send some stuff at least once a month and email him letters weekly. However, he has been move to an outpost where he stands guard in a tower in the cold and wind, at mercy of the elements. And he lives in a tent. Primitive living conditions in this day and time. I think some of the stuff helps. And he cannot answer my emails as he can only come into ‘town’ to get his emails, and he receives his snail mail and packages about once a week or so. So when I got these two letters, and know what he had to sacrifice to write them, it made me proud.

At the expense of divulging private conversations, I want to post these two letters. But remember, peeps, this isn’t about me. I want you to hear what a good old American soldier feels and things. What we, and you, too, if you take the time, send them means so much with so little time and effort on our part.

So the first one from just before Christmas:


Well it’s time to go old school. I got moved to a new area. We now live in tents. It’s not too bad, only down fall is not net. But if or should I say when, which ever, I get a day off I can go to ‘town’ and check email.

Thank you so much for the package. I guess I got 1 of 3. Thank you. It truly means a lot to me to know you all care this much. I will be sure to send you some pictures when I get to ‘town.’ I’ll send you a few of me and my guys, and I have to show off my beautiful daughter (born a couple of weeks before he deployed) also. I really don’t have a lot (information and stories to pass on) since our mission is classified, but I will try and get some of our living area and after Christmas, some of our Christmas pictures.

The hand and toe warmers are awesome! We sit in towers a lot and the heat sucks. They have helped a lot. It’s weird. The military just built the tower, but it leans, heaters don’t work. I dunno, but the whole saying “Cheapest Bidder”…yes, it’s true.

Thank you so much for everything you have done. It means a lot to me and the guys. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Be safe. You all are in my prayers.


(We are in HIS prayers??? Man!)

And the other one:

John (that’s me in case you didn’t know)

I just got the other 2 packages. Thank you so much. The Hot Hands are a huge help. Then I got some more. That was a great idea. It’ll help in sitting in a cold tower at night. I do have to say everything you have sent has been great. I know I’m a pain. My girlfriend, parents and everyone hates me when it comes to getting me things because I never want or need anything. I know it’s a bad thing, but I like to give, not really receive.

I was talking to my girlfriend, Amber (how cool is that?), and she is wanting to move back home to Florida (currently in MO). So if we do I will be a little closer to come visit you. I told her once I get back, I am coming to visit you and your family when wr go visit her parents. I would really like to meet you.

Just through the packages and letters, you have helped me a lot when I was down. I know that you will always be there.

Well, I’m going to hit the sack, bed. Another long day. Thanks again for the packages.


Peeps, it don’t take much to make a difference in someone’s life. If you are interested, give Hope a shout, or go to Soldiers Angles or Any Soldier ( or Sailor or Marine or Air Force or Coast Guard or National Guard) sites and find someone to help.

One thing I noticed from ALL the guys I send stuff to, they share it with their buddies. So, though I send stuff to one, many benefit from it. And he also told me in an earlier email that the gets all he needs from the Army. Silly boy! Is the Army sending them hand warmers, socks, M&Ms, hard candy, sour candy, Beef Jerky, magazines and books? No! And he is getting a bit of America and he shares it. That’s the way it is in the service.

But be aware, you may not get a response from they recipient. Duties, shyness, etc may keep them from replying. But they will care. I know! I rarely received mail from my parents and none from my brothers and sister or high school friends when I was in. I never even went to my rack (bed) when mail call was passed. So I know you will make a difference.

Now back to your normal blogging…

Be sure to look below, too, as I have blogged a couple others today, too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping our soldiers!

Golden To Silver Val said...

John, you ROCK. Yes.....YOU rock. I'm going to pass this info along and lets see if we can get those soldiers lots of mail/packages.

Unknown said...

"To the world you may just be someone, but to someone you may be the whole world."
You have made a huge difference, in a world so far from home!
God Bless!

Paxford said...

So very glad that he's still okay over there.

(We are in HIS prayers??? Man!)

and he in ours.


Ducky said...

I think its really awesome that you are sharing this with us. I knew there was a soft spot in you (not just your belly).

The quote Airmom left couldn't possibly sum it up any better

Coffeypot said...

Guys, you just don’t get it. It’s not about me. Believe me, and those who know me, I am not worthy of any of these comments. I’m an abusive asshole who covers up much my using humor and jokes, and I function better that way.

But these guys are worth anything I can do to help some of them out. Unlike me, they are making a difference in the world and just something as simple as a letter can help their moral more that a turkey dinner. So comment on how well Robert is doing and what he is going though to help keep us safe in our beds. And think about helping one of our guys and gals out. Let them know they are appreciated. If you have someone in your schools, church or synagogue serving and getting support from family and friends, ask him/her for the name of someone they know who isn’t and help them out.

Ed said...

Man, I soooo need to stop being a lazy ass and do this.

Julie D said...

Happy New Year!!!!

clew said...

You know my heart, Coffeypot. It's great to hear from one of the men, thanks for sharing. Almost like hearing from my own soldier! :)

I just so happened to notice my local store has hand and foot warmers on sale this week. Was planning on heading there after I get off.

Work, that is. Dirty old man.

Anyway - after hearing about the outpost conditions, I'll buy a few more :). I wonder if my guy is sharing his scarf? LOL

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Wow, great post. This is where the crap doesn't matter about whether one is a Republican or Democrat, for the wars, or against the war, like Obama or don't like him. The end result is there are people suffering hardship on our behalf freezing their butts off in a cheap low bid guard tower and living in a tent. Good for you helping out.

Stacy said...

Thanks for sharing your letters, John. I know there are a million reasons why some of the guys can't/don't respond and I'm okay with that. They're doing one of the toughest jobs in the world and I'm thankful that they are. Still, it was nice to hear what your guy had to say and know that the packages are helping.

Unknown said...

Wow, what great letters! God bless them both. I'm off to shopping this weekend. Happy New Year

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Well done, sir. I'm glad to see that these guys took the time to send you a response.

Trina said...

My niece's husband is in the reserves in Iraq (actually, he's home on a 3-week leave right now.) My intentions have been to send him care packages all along, but dang it, I've just let MY life get in the way. It's neat that you are doing this. Who knows, you and Grindy may have formed a lifelong friendship. God bless you!

Tracie said...

You have given me an idea. Wouldn't it be great for our Cub Scouts to send a package to someone?