Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Warrior’s Song

Y’all go here, Airman Mom’s site and watch the video.

Airman mom is a gracious, loving, patriotic mother of two Air Force sons and she supports our American military community tirelessly.

I posted and/or sent this vieo out in one of my emails a while back, but it deserves to be seen again - and often.

God bless the USA and people like Airman Mom.

Go on now. Go visit her and start following her, too. You will be glad you did.

You back now? Good!

This is Airman Mom with her husband (a Submariner) and Mike (known to those who know him as Chief - and, no. his is not an Indian. He is a Chief Master Sergeant in the US Air Force)

Now go back and look at her previous post about Chief…she introduce me to him a several months ago and he was one of my milsupport guys who took what little I sent him (except the Peanut M&M’s) and passed them out to his Air Force dudes and duddetts imbedded with Army units all over Iraq.

He is truly a class act and he will be retiring with close to 3,000 years of service to the AF and the USA. I see him leaving, kicking and screaming, into a world where he will have to get a job and suffer like the rest of us. Poor guy.

Love ya, AM, and Thanks for what you do.


AirmanMom said... are far too kind. Chief deserves ALL kudos! And you, my friend...your support is so deeply appreciated. I know all I have to do is mention a soldier in need...and you are on it.
I thank you for being so very supportive of our troops and above all being a good friend to AirmanMom!
Love ya! ~AM

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Airman's family and all of our military families for serving us.


Mike Golch said...

CoffeePot,I have been following AirmanMom for some time now that video is awsome.

Coffeypot said...

AM, you are the one who deserves the thanks.

Secretia, Amen!

Mike, as have I and she is a great lady and I love that video.