Thursday, February 11, 2010

On The Road Again - No TMI Stuff

I’m on the road again, so no TMI today.

I just drove out of that white shit last Sunday, and now I’m going right back into it.

Can you tell how excited I am.

But the people of New York and all the Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants are calling.

Dogs are need to add to warm family love and replenish menus because of the freak snow storms.

Just kidding. No families call for them.

OKAY, OKAY! Damn! It’s just a joke. Chill (no pun intended for you people snowed in with your precious demon span - uh - kids.)

Check back in with you soon.



Liz Mays said...

Well, now we have to start worrying about you again!

Matty said...

Be safe friend.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Drive safely and I hope you don't get stranded again. Did you wear snowboots this time???

Anonymous said...

LOL! I am a former New Yorker, I understand the joke! Hope you have a safe drive!

Ducky said...

Whoosh...I thought I was going to have to put a hit out on you. Don't tolerate no animal abuse. Nothing but love and treats in our house :O)'ll be wanting to move in soon I suppose?????

safe travels friend!

Tracie said...

Did you just call my kids demon spawn? Safe travels to you.

Miss Em said...

Hope you packed a diddy-bag of special winter gear which should not only be dry but very warm.

How about a blanket, candle and a metal cup to hold over the candle flame to melt the 'Not Yellow' snow so you can have something to drink.

Did you remember to pack into the back of the truck a claspable trenching shovel to dig yourself out of that non-existenct snow drift?

Have a great trip and be sure to keep the wheels on the dirt side of the road.

Miss Em

Tgoette said...

Have a safe trip. Though it's nice to know you have all those dogs to cuddle up with for warmth if you get stranded. Save me a beagle!

Paxford said...

Travel safe!

And Dogs on the menu... years ago we used to notice that the back neighbours would get a new dog every few weeks. We *REALLY* hoped they were pet sitting... and then the neighbourhood cats started to disappear. Culturally insensitive of my dad to call the animal protection society on them? I didn't think so at the time (still don't)


オテモヤン said...


Miss Em said...

I speak English[with difficulty], write in English[if you can call my scribbles writting] and read in English[when I can find my glasses to see what I'm looking at]so.....



Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

....who btw is courious as hell as to why the only word in English is ..... SEX.

Miss Em said...

Oh and for those who don't know --

It's in Japanese.

[I think...Looks like Japanese.]

Miss Em

Mala said...

Is that the Chinese menu in the comment section?
Anyway, have a safe trip. No snow here in NH. I know, freakish, right? But I'm not complaining!

By the way, I saw a sign the other day that made me smile "DC blasted by global warming!". *snicker*