Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Day Without Snow and Rain - Almost

Woke up this morning to sunshine. No rain, no snow, no freezing weather! Just a pretty morning. Strange feeling! But since we have the grandkids, we felt even more the urge to go out among the world and commingle. So the first trip (and no day can start without it) was to the Waffle House to fortify our bodies for the impending day.

While there we talk about all the options and decided that the zoo would be a great place to go. The Grant Park (not named after that Northern Interloper, U.S. Grant but for a railroad magnate, Lemuel P. Grant) has two major attractions; the Atlanta Zoo and the Cyclorama, a huge circular painting depicting the Battle of Atlanta.

So, in 50 degree, chilly, windy weather, off we go.

This is Judy and the kids walking into the park.

This is me and my two favorite ladies, Bug on the left and Judy.

Bug and J-Man goofing off in front of the Pink Flamingos.

There has to be someone different in every crowd - even in nature.

We visited an aviary full of parakeets. These two were actually kissing and there was the beginnings of a nest being built.

Then we saw a variety of animals, but most were kept inside. I didn’t get pictures of the monkey house, the big cat house or the reptile house, except for the black mamba. Next time!

Judy on the phone with an old colleague who is moving back to Georgia with her job, and yours truly outside the gorilla exhibit.

J-Man with one of his favorite creatures, the Orangutan.

The Atlanta Zoon is fortunate to have a collection of Panda’s from China.
We pay almost 2.5 million a year for each of them.
They also have two babies that will be (must be) shipped back to China soon.

Then there is the petting zoo.

But the highlight of the day was the Merry-Go-Round.

After the ride began moving, it was like a wild ride for me.

We then went to the Cyclorama ( no pictures - their rules).

Then finished up the day with a fun dinner at a Japanese restaurant (fire, knife tricks and all.)

Trust me, peeps, there are many more pictures to show you, but this is enough. We did dodge a few minor drizzles and was in the Cyclorama when the big rain came, but the day was just perfect. I love being with my little buddies and seeing things thought their eyes.

I now return you to you daily blog readings.

Coffey Out!


gayle said...

That looks like so much fun!!! We (my husband and I) can't wait to take our grandson to the zoo. I can tell you really enjoyed yourself!!

Matty said...

I think the highlight of your day was the Waffle House. Yes?

But otherwise, what a great looking group you have there. Always smiling, and look at you go on the horse. Ride em' cowboy!

Coffeypot said...

gayle, grandkids are the best way to enjoy anything. It's old hat to us but new to them and their excitement is infectious.

Matty, put on your glasses, dude. That is a tiger I'm riding. Anyone can ride a horse.

June said...

What a great way to spend a day! Thanks for sharing pics and the family fun!

Lickety Splitter said...

Hey, whatcha know? I just had breakfast at the Waffle House.

I love the flamingos and the "black sheep" of their family. The flamingos are my favorite at our zoo, but I love your kissing birds almost just much. Thanks for sharing the photos of your family day!

Coffeypot said...

June, it was a great day, no crowds, kinda cool and great kids.

Lickety Splitter, those birds were amazing. I tried to catch them kissing with both beak open - Frenching bird style - but beads turning and stuff. Just like humans. They were also working on a nest together. There was some stringy stuff like strips of grass or moss or something and they would peck it, pull it and set it on a tree limb. I wish I had a video of them doing this.

Lucia said...

I think that's great that you like to spend time with your grand kids and don't need their parents around to do it!

Coffeypot said...

Lucia, the kiddies have spent weekends with up from the time they were born. Very few missed and always on vacations and cruses no matter if mom and dad is there or not. Can't imagine not having them around - though, at 14, J-Man is wanting to spend times with his friends. Bug wants to bring a friend, and that is okay, too.