Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meet Me In St Louis

Tomorrow is the day I get to meet some crazy, funny, awesome bloggers.

Don’t look above. Not looking? Good!

Guess where we are meeting? Nope! It’s St. Louis. In Missouri.

On the Mississippi. The river, not the state.

Travis, Ed, Daffy, rxBambi, Barb of Sassy & Ginger Chronicles, and many more.

And after tomorrow I can truly say, “Been there, Done that, and Got a T-Shirt For It.”

I’ll try to post from there, too, if I am sober enough or have the time, and I’ll take a few pictures to be posted later.

I know you are all jealous and envious and coveting my ass and stuff, but deal with it. I’m gonna have a good time.

See ya when I can.



Travis said...

That's real.

(word verification is "hedgmbl" which is similar to the words I'll be trying for form after many, many beers.)

Unknown said...

Sounds like too much fun! Can't wait to read the post and see the pics!

Sarge Charlie said...

have frun my friend

Ed said...


I'll see you in just a couple hours.

Better have my beer ready, Bitch.

Kimberly said...

I'm terribly green with envy knowing all of you will only be a few short hours away. Two to be exact. But have one for me will ya, I'm not a fan of beer, but I like jager and red bull! :)

Have fun my old friend!

clew said...

Okay, I'm a little jealous.

Okay, a lot jealous.

You better be missing me.

Aleta said...

Lucky you!! Have fun and take lots of pictures!

Momma Fargo said...

I told Ed to slap your ass for me. I would do it better if I was there. Drink some for me! LOL.

Miss Em said...


You didn't offer to pack me in your suit case.

Kanani said...

I can't wait to hear from you. Hope to see some photos too.

Pamela said...

that sounds like a wonderful time! jealous.

Anonymous said...

Have a fab, fab time :0)

Ducky said...

You are the awesomest! I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you. I'd hang with you any time!!!