Saturday, April 10, 2010

Winding Up The Week

As some of you know, this week is Spring Break in my area and I have the grandkids for the week. The post below is about our trip to Stone Mountain Park (and a memory from the past.) That was on Wednesday.

On Thursday afternoon we chose sides and went on a scavenger hunt around the county. Judy and Bug were one team and me and J-Man the other. There was a list of 50 items and we had an hour and a half to get as many items as possible. Some were odd: safety tape, orange traffic cone, a worm, and road kill. Around 25 to 27 items were found; my road kill was a flat, hard worm on the side of the road. Judy and Bug, on the other hand, didn’t quiet get theirs.

She found a dead opossum on the road and stopped to pick it up. We had plastic bags to put our bounty (or booty) in, so she broke out one to scoop up the unfortunate critter. But how to do it? She found a stick to poke it to make sure it was dead, but when she got to it, there was no doubt. So she rolled it over to loosen it from the grass.

Evidently Judy hasn’t been around dead things much. The thing was bloated and full of gas, and when she rolled it over, it exploded. Nothing got on her, but the smell was terrible, as any of you know who have ever had to deal with dead animals. But Judy is a single minded woman when it comes to any given task and she still tried to get the damn thing in the bag…gagging and trying not to upchuck the whole time. Bug was in the car laughing at her, but wouldn’t get out and help. She's not as dedicated to task completion as Judy. And Judy was going to put it into the trunk and bring it home an hour or so later. My God! We would never have gotten rid of the smell if she had. Fortunately, she couldn’t stand the smell any longer and left it on the side of the road.

At the end, Judy and Bug won by two points (they cheated and bought two things at the store.) It seems that there was no rule saying we couldn’t buy stuff, and I tried to play by the spirit of the game. Silly me and J-Man (who suggested we buy a few things with we were at the store getting some moldy food.)

The winner got to choose the restaurant and Bug chose a Mexican restaurant. J-Man and me got the last laugh because the food was horrible and the serve even worse. Teach them to cheat.

Friday the four of us went to Six Flags. Peeps, I have never been so flung, jostled, twirled, bounded, turned and shook so much since I had a date with the lady wrestler a few years back.

But we were so busy walking, laughing and having so much fun riding the rides that this is the only picture made the whole day. The best buy we made all day was the Flash Pass’s where we didn’t have to stand in line for an hour or more to ride any of the attractions. We were able to get through all the rides in 5 hours - quiet a feat. But the first ride almost did me in. It was the Cyclone, the original roller coaster when the park opened back in the 60’s. The car is wooden and my bare knees (I had on shorts) were against the front. It was the roughest riding thing I can ever remember riding and my knees were scraped raw by the end.

And finally, tonight we saw “How To Train Your Dragon” in 3-D I-Max. Surprisingly it is a great movie. I recommend it highly. And the popcorn was good, too.


Paxford said...

YOu and Judy are the BEST grandparents! (can I get adopted please?) :D


Daffy said...

You are the coolest grandparents! How fun!!!!! I love this idea...and I'd really REALLY like one of those Wonder Woman costumes please

gayle said...

Sounds like you all had so much Fun!!! I can't wait until our grandson gets old enough to do those types of things with him. He's only 4. My biggest problem will be trying to leave the parents at home. What is a flash pass? That sounds like something that would be worth getting.

June said...

What a great way to spend the day on a treasure hunt!

I haven't been on a roller coaster in years... it would probably be good for my brain!

Mala said...

Judy looks fabulous in the wonder woman outfit... but I think your red suit should be tighter.

The treasure hunt sounds awesome. And lets face it, Judy deserved to win just for her attempts to bag the stinky, bloated, exploding roadkill. That's commitment.

Tracie said...

Judy looks great in that Wonder Woman getup!

PS You are awesome grandparents.

stacief said...

LOLOL Dead animal....Judy is the best...I woulda hurled and thrown in the towel.

I HATE wooden roller coasters. They used to be fun, but now they are just a way to get bruises.

Marni said...

Dad -- I need to clarify sumpin... The Scream Machine at the back of the park is the original wooden coaster. The Cyclone was built sometime in the 90's and is a replica of the one in NJ (I think that is where it is). :)

I cannot BELIEVE Judy tried to pick up a dead animal. HAHAHA! And Bug was in her right mind to stay in the car.

Lickety Splitter said...

Man, I hate I missed all that fun. Send me that scavenger list, I am going to make a weekend out of it ;)

Or, I could take it to Vegas with me and make sure I see every odd inch of that town by chasing after all that stuff!