Saturday, August 07, 2010

Six American Medical Team Memebers Killed

(Director of The International Assistance Mission, Dirk Frans, said six American medical aid workers from his charity were killed in Afghanistan.)

From Afghan Journal on Face Book and Yahoo News, 6 Americans on a Medical Team were executed for being spies and preaching Christianity. Ten in all were killed and they were on their way back from giving eye care and meds to some Northern Afghan villages. You can read the full story from Yahoo News here .

Maybe this story will appear under any updates of Lindsey Lolife. But probably not since the Liberal Media shies away from mentioning anything negative about the peace loving Muslims.

But New York City is about to put a community center (sound familiar) and Mosque at Ground Zero. Do Liberals have no shame?



Matty said...

That's their M.O. Anyone they find is an American Spy. I wander what they would think if America took the same approach with people from Afghanistan.

And you're right. This story won't even make the evening news, and if it does, it will be deep into the show after all the Hollywood crap is reported.

Ed said...

Fuck this. We should have nuked that whole damn area years ago.

Hell, it would have made the oil easier to get at least.

Charlene said...

This story was reported on the news several times today. I'm not sure exactly which media outlet first, but the hourly news on NPR had the report. The bodies were found yesterday.

This is a story of good people working to help people who needed the help. Unfortunately evil does not turn away from good.

I'm not sure what Ms. Lohan has to do with it. I don't pay attention to entertainment news at all. Also, I am a yellow dog Democrat and my political point of view is liberal. If you want to lay blame for these good people's deaths on me, feel free. It's ridiculous, but if it makes you feel good, feel free.

As to Ed's belief that all would be well if we had "nuked that whole damn area years ago". That kind of thing worked in August 45 years ago. The reason it worked was because we were the only country with a "nuk". Today, Lord knows who and where all the nukes are.

Coffeypot said...

Aren't we glad they are a peace loving religion. It's a shame that it is peace loving only to another Muslim.

Ed, Afghan is not about oil (though running a oil pipeline across their coutry would make them rich and cut down the delivery time from well to ship. It is more about drugs.

Charlene, again you are over reacting. I did not say that Liberal Democrats are responsible for the killing of those medical people. It was the sheet wearing, snaggled tooted, donkey fuckers who killed them for no other reason than they can. I said the Liberal Media will not report it. You heard it on public radio, but did you hear it on ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN? I don’t know because I haven’t been near a television for days. Been at the hospital with very ill sister.

But the Liberal Media does try to report every negative aspect of this war. Never mentioning the rebuilding of the infrastructure, the schools and homes that are built and opened, the medical services we provide and the prosperity we bring to an area. The black hats rule by murder and fear.

Lindsey Lowlife was mentioned because the Liberal Media is obsessed with Hollywierd types and think the life style of a spoiled, narcissist who needs to be in rehab for about 15 years is more important than the men and women who died each day or week so she can do all her self-destructive bullshit.

A Yellow Dog Democrat is a person who would vote for a yellow dog than a Republican. Voting Democratic regardless of who runs. A Liberal Democrat in today’s world is a Socialist who wants the government to control every aspect of your life because we are too stupid to do it ourselves. Both are very sad and dangerous reasons to be a Democrat.

And Ed has a point. Nuke them till they glow. Other countries have the ‘bomb’ but no delivery system. Our retaliation to any kind of nuke attack would be devastating to the country sending it. Being a gentle bully keeps the world safe. If the little punks know they will get the shit kicked out of them if they try something, then they will think twice.

Charlene said...

If we're going to kick the shit out of every evil person in the world, we're going to have to get busy making more children to toss in the maw of war, or Lord save us, recruiting some from other countries!

My beliefs and political POV is as I am, a product of my experience.

Pamela said...

I am so sad about those deaths. Wasn't there 10 total? And the driver of the car was spared because he was Muslim and began repeating verses from the Koran.

Sarge Charlie said...

Do Liberals have no shame?


Momma Fargo said...

The answer to that question is NO.

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