Monday, October 18, 2010


For you Georgia voters out there, I am posting the web site so you can look over the candidates and the proposed amendments.

Some of you may know, others don’t and most don’t care, but I have been working at my voter polling place for several elections, and one thing I feel that is needed is for information to be out there so people will be able to plan their voting choices.

My county (Cherokee) has a web site that will help any of you in Georgia get ahead of the game.

Go to vote.cherokeega and click on Sample Ballot (in the lower right corner of the ptions at the top.)

Fill out the boxes required and enter. (This will give you your voter poll information)

Then click on "Click Here To See Qualified Candidates For Your November 02, 2010 General Election Ballot" to see all the candidates.

Click on "Proposed Constitutional Amendments and Statewide Referendums" to see the 5 amendments. 

I highly recommend you go and read the amendments now because they are very long and full of lawyerly words and phrases and can be quiet confusing - at least to my numb brain - and you need to understand them before going to the poles.

Hopefully this will make your voting experience easier and faster.  If you have any questions you can call me or email me at johnjudyc at att dot com.


Ragtop lady said...

thanks for that info -

Sarge Charlie said...

Yo Mr Coffee, I did a post on voting today please feel free to re-post: I think every woman should read, men also. My blog