Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Night Cat Humor

Here's a little Saturday Night Cat Humor for you peeps.  I have been sitting here with my granddaughter, Bug, watching videos she has found around the net.  Her sense of humor is as great as her Paw Paw's.


middle child said...

Coffey, please pass this on to Bug. Thanks for the fun video!!!!
Some made me feel bad for the kittens but I also laughed! The one where the kitten crawled up the ladies back? I had that happen to me. Our kitten Gina climbed up me all the way from the floor to sit on my shoulder while I was doing dishes. And one time our cat Maynard got his head stuck in a small paper bag and kind of stumbled down the back stairs. Thanks again sweetie!

Mike Golch said...

Now that was fun to watch!!

Charlene said...

Cats are the most humorous animals we keep as pets. Mine will get into a purr thing where she purrs for an hour, then wear herself out and lay down like a dead thing.

The funniest was the cat that grabbed the pull cord on the ceiing fan.

Coffeypot said...

MC, I did pass along your thanks and she just smiled.

Mike, yes it was.

Charlene, WHAT?? We agree on something. I'm glad. The cat on the fan pull cord had both me and my gd laughing. It is our favorite, too.