Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SSGT Sal Guinta - MOH Recipient

There is this lady name Leta over at From Cow Pastures To Kosove  who dearly loves her ‘Sky Soldiers’ as much as she loves life. Especially the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, 503rd Infantry Regiment. These guys have been in the worst of the worst in the Korangal valley in Afghanistan. And I copied these videos of an interview with SSGT Sal Guinta, the only man to be awarded the Metal of Honor, and still be alive, since all this stuff began ten years ago.

Leat quoted on her blog; “He is a humble man in every way and continues to bring such honor to his unit, fellow Soldiers, family and friends.” Folks, I have never hear or read an interview with any MOH receipients who have ever taken sole credit for the award. All have said they only were doing their job and others fought as brave or braver than them. SSGT Guinta is no exception. Now listen to a true, humble, professional soldier.

I had my eyes sweating with pride for this young man and the men who were with him. And I am even more proud of all our guys and gals still serving. They are doing the hard stuff for us…and it’s not for the money, either.

God bless this young man, his family and friends, and God Bless The USA

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Lickety Splitter said...

:( An admirable account of a heartwrenching ordeal.