Friday, December 31, 2010

My Contribution To The New Years Blogging World

So!  The year 2010 is coming to an end.  Everyone will be celebrating tonight and welcoming in the new year.  Some of you have even posted a retrospective of this past year.  Not to be out done, I am presenting mine, too.

I did a lot of stuff this year.
Much of it was fun and some of it sucked.
I’ll do gooder next year, yo!

That about sums it up for 2010.

However, today is special to me for other reasons.

Today is my 17 wedding anniversary to my best’est buddy ever.

We have been together for over 22 years and she still works very hard to keep me sane and in control. She is a Sainte! Well…pretty good anyway.

We met in college (late bloomers in the educational world - or before I started taking the stuff serious) and hung around together in a clique for about a year. Then we started dating and were exclusive for almost 5 years before I ask her, in the Electrolux store while waiting on a package of vacuum bags, if she and her two kids would be my year-end tax deductions (we were in the business school, you see.)  And to my greedy ears she said yes. Ca-Ching! Ripped Uncle Sam a new one that year.

So we will be going out to dinner tonight with her mom (Granny Dot) and the grandkids.  Early!  Then we will come home and watch a movie until its time to watch the Big Apple/GA Peach drop, bringing in the new year while making a toast with white grape juice (kids, ya know.)  After all that excitement, we will go to bed. We are such hot swingers these days. I know you are jealous and all, but get over it. Make your own happy new years and stop envying us.

But I do wish all of you peeps the Safest, Most Prosperous and Happiest of New Years.

See ya in 2011!


LL said...

Happy New Year!!

middle child said...

Um,...did you just say you're having marshmallow PEEPS with your grape juice?

Barb said...

Happy Anniversary!!! And I can see why she's kept you so long. You're a good'n. Have a great night!

Biddie said...

Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary, just happy!
Have a great time out with the family :)

anon said...

Hell of a proposal! We'll call Lance Romance from now on.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

suz said...

Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!

Momma Fargo said...

Happy Anniversary! Happy New Year! We love Judy...she has to put up with you

Paxford said...

Happy New Year and congratulations on the Anniversary (see! you're a keeper! :D)



Southern (in)Sanity said...

Happy New Year and, far more importantly, Happy Anniversary!!!

Stacy said...

Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!

gayle said...

Sounds like you had a great anniversary and New Years Eve. Hubby went to be at 10pm and I followed around 11pm. We are such partiers:)

Lickety Splitter said...

Oh my gosh, I missed your anniversary! Happy Anniversary to your sweetheart and you! Ahhh ... love. I miss it.