Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SSS Time

It is that time of year again. Not just the Christmas season, but the Secret Santa Soiree (SSS) gift swapping time of the year.

My blogging buddy, Alan, over at Yogi’s Den drew my name this year. His selection’s are perfect for me.

I got this cool t-shirt that is not only XL but it is LONG, too. I hate having to keep repacking my shirt tails back in my pants (when I do pack them). So this one will work great for this t-shirt lover.

He also sent this camo cap from Bass Pro Shops. I also love my caps. My hair is thinning on the top and around the crown and that acts as a solar panel on a sex machine. So the cap helps keep the desire down and under control.

And I got a bag of Fartless Popping Corn with a bottle of Ass Kickin’ Popcorn Seasoning. Judy is happy with this as I can peal paint sometimes eating a bowl of pop corn.

He had my number this year.

So that leaves me with sending off my SSS’s present. I can’t say who he/she/it is until they say it’s okay. All I can say is he/she/it is a Liberal. But that is okay with me. I admire someone who has the strength and courage to stand for their beliefs - no matter how wrong they are.

In the information packet about the likes and sizes and stuff, liking Stephen King and Santa’s was mentioned. Another of my favorite authors, Jim Butcher, was mentioned, but his new book won’t be out till next year. So I took a chance that the new SK book was unread and picked that up.

I just hope ‘they’ enjoy the book and the Santa. I also tried to find a Sarah Palin T-Shirt to send, but, alas, all us Conservatives have them all bought up.

And I hope all of the SSS peeps have a wonderful Christmas…and remember it is also the celebration of the birth of Christ.


Southern (in)Sanity said...

Well done - on your giving and receiving.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I'm glad that the cap and the tshirt work for you. I'm getting some of that popcorn for myself.

Whoever the guy/gal is that is getting the stuff you got is pretty darn lucky.

Unknown said...

GREAT post....your sss partner is going to LOVE their gift....that santa is darling...just like you!

Coffeypot said...


lynette355 said...

I am so so so jealous....this was a kick ass gift set.

Rebecca said...

Awesome gifts - and I think I know who you had - because the person I bought for last year like Stephen King and is a liberal! I know that is of no consequence, it's just a fun little tidbit from me....

Lifeofkaylen said...

Ha, hilarious. You got great gifts - I love Stephen King too-maybe you are MY secret santa?? I'll be waiting and watching! :)

Stacy Hackenberg said...

Thanks, John! Your package arrived after we'd left for our Christmas trip, but I opened it first thing when I got home Sunday night.

I indeed have not read the latest Stephen King book and the Santa is really great.

You did a great job as a Secret Santa!

Thanks again.