Sunday, March 13, 2011

Climimb Every Mountain, Search High And Low...

Mountain Trail in Spain

The entrances for this trail are closed but not policed. It was built in the 1920's for hydro workers. There is no rail but there is a chain to hold onto but it doesn't hold much weight and several people have fallen to their deaths.

This is an amazing walk! This should have you on the edge of your seat possibly feeling slightly dizzy.

It's 6 minutes long and should be watched till the very end.

To intensify the experience, click on the full screen button (middle button that looks like four arrows on the lower right hand side of the screen when the player comes up). It's enough to make you nauseous especially when you consider that it was filmed by someone who made the hike carrying a video camera while he did it.

And why would anyone even consider doing something like this? 

Simple, peeps! 

There's a Waffle House at the end of the trail.


Barb said...

OMG. Not even for Waffle House, Babe!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely love to do that! Especially if there is a Waffle House, there omelets are the best!

Jamie said...

I saw this vid for the first time a few years ago. Like now, I watched every second and wondered why this trail was built and when. I would love to have the nerve to do this. Who knows, maybe I would? But Spain is an awfully long distance from here. Thank Goodness. LOL