Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm Back For Now...Kinda

I have only been around sporadically for the last few days. I loaded MS Office Professional on my computers because I will need Access and Publisher and, as it is with any uploads or changes made to a computer, it fucked up so many other things. But then that is the Coffey Law. I would be satisfied with Murphy’s Law because it is so much tamer than Coffey Law.

Anyways, I’m back now…for a while. Being the Director of Communications for my Navy Association, I have to publish the newsletter, a job I inherited at gun point at our last reunion. The most difficult part is publishing something I write without using Fuck, or Goddamn or shit like that. Trying times, peeps.

Also I have been reading a few post were some relationships are not going as peach as one would like. I hate it, too. I don’t like to see y’all in stressful situations. But it happens in relationships. So I am reposting a couple of videos (that you have probably seen before) just to show you how different we are.


If life could only be that simple and funny.


suz said...

Huh? You can't cuss in a newsletter for SAILORS??? Old School sailors, no less! That is just wrong!

Coffeypot said...

I know, Suz. But there are some women who are in the organization who still demand to have their doors open for them and they are all Christian Better-Than-Tho prunes. Plus the association wants the newsletter to be professional in case it gets published somewhere - which happens often. So I'll save my Fucks and Shit and Asshole's for my blog and y'all personal enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

Very appropriate timing on this post! I've heard The Man Song before, but The Woman Song was new to me! Thanks for sharing!

Matty said...

Funny, and oh so true.

Ed said...

Skip the software updates and just do the News Bulletin on a Boatswain's Pipe.

Momma Fargo said...

I'm sure your newsletters will have lots of good information with the following adjectives


Should be colorful. LOL
And you are so negative about relationships. All that is such a farse...