Friday, April 22, 2011

I'mmmm Baccckkkkk!

So many files, pictures, uploads, etc. are easily downloaded to a pc, that it is like an open door.   And all the virus and mailbot systems are pretty much useless because the hackers load bypass codes to the program language.   
 Firefox has a better protection system than Explorer so I went that way.  But there is a learning curve involved.  It is not as user friendly and takes some getting use to it.

I have learned enough about how easy it is to get one’s computer infected that I have become paranoid about receiving stuff. 

Anyrestore, I’m back and will be spending some time catching up.  I’ll be back to my usual shenanigans as soon as possible.


j-tony said...

Welcome back. Yeah I know what you mean about receiving stuff now. Once bitten twice shy.

Matty said...

I've been using Firefox for about 5 years now. Piece of cake.

Paxford said...

Glad to have you back :)


flying eagle woman said...

yes SO glad to have you back...and by the way, I also wear red on Fridays:-)
Have a great weekend

Golden To Silver Val said...

I love Firefox and have been using it for about 4 years, I'd say. I also use Vipre anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall. Its done good by me. If you get a virus, they will fix your machine for free by remote. Hope I never have to call on them.

Anonymous said...

FF will server you better for sure. All the Winderz types I know use FF for the security it offers. Some fun add-ons too if you want to get all geeky. And if you mess it up, you can quickly remove it and reinstall.

And you heard this from a mac guy.

dc said...

Yikes this makes me verrrry afraid to be doing all this copying pictures from everywhere. Is nothing sacred?? Dang