Friday, April 15, 2011

Nude Blogging and A House Warming Gift

Okay, Peeps. It’s Friday and I am on the road again, so you know that that means, don’t cha? Nope, not that. Not that either. Give up? Good! It’s Nude Blogging Time.

Now before all you ladies run out and get extra batteries for you most favorite lover, and you guys render me a hand salute with awe and envy, let me splane sommin.

I have some new readers who might fall into the above mention situations, but don’t. It’s not what it seems.  It is just an on going think I came up with a couple of years ago.  No HNT or anything like that.  Just me in the motel alone...with you.  But there is a reason for it, too.

See…when I am unloading the dogs and puppies (puppies especially) they will sometimes be afraid or nervous and will pee on me, or they will poop and some will get on my hands when I take the form the cages. So I will wipe my hands on my jeans.  Yeah! Gross huh?  But don't be've done the same thing changing diapers...or getting your spouse undressed after a good drunk.  Have, too!

So when I get to the motel, I will take a shower for obvious reasons. And since I am alone, and since I enjoy sleeping in the nude, I don’t see the sense in putting on clean skivvies until I get dressed in the morning.

So I’m here blogging and emailing in the nude. And a laptop does get warm sitting on your lap…just saying.

Anynaked, I want to let you know about a friend of mine who uprooted herself, husband and dog and move from their family home in the frozen tundra of Indiana to a palatial estate in Florida.

Many of you have been following Dana and her experiences (pulse the inserts of her book) for a long time, now and you know what a sweet little old lady she can be…when she isn’t cussing and bitching. So for a house warming present I wanted to get her sommen that fits her personality. So I have been looking at doormats (in honor of her life as a woman.) What’d think?

Wonder which one she will choose.

Now that I got that out of the way, I'm gonna start reading my peeps postings until I fall asleep.  See ya tomorrow. TATA


suz said...

Yay for nude blogging! Just sayin'. My dad sent me the doormat pix yesterday - maybe he's trying to be cool like you! Should I tell him he beat you to the punch?

Venom said...

I second Suz - yay for nude blogging.

When you decide to send ME a present (because, hey, why wouldn't you) I'd choose either of the first two mats. :-)

Stacy Lynn said...

I need more doors on my house because I want several of these mats!

Rancher Mom said...

"Go away and come back with wine." I shall now paint that on the side of my house!
I don't think I could ever do the whole nude blogging thing, then again, I haven't had privacy since I had kids...

Momma Fargo said...

Love the nude blogging...but how do you prevent from sticking to the leather chair? I always hate that.

Marnie said...

You are just in your birthday suit ;0) I like the "you are here" mat the best.

Jamie said...

I love these mats...and think one or two of them would shake up the pretentious hallway where I live!

Thanks for a laugh this morning, and no---I am not referring to the nude blogging thing. :)

The Reckmonster said...

I would totally vote for "Oh shit not you again" because whenever my doorbell rings, it's the annoying kids who want my kid to come outside...despite the fact that I have already told them he's at his dad's for the weekend, three times earlier in the day when they rang the doorbell.

And rock that nude blogging, Coffey!

j-tony said...

I'm impressed with your nude blogging and one handed typing skillz. Come on. Nude, hotel room, alone...I can do the math. :).....Safe travels my friend.

Coffeypot said...

Venom, send me your address and I'll send you one...I mean, why wouldn't I.

Rancher Mom, hon, mail the kids to someone, get a room somewhere either alone or with hubs, get naked and blog your ass off. You will be a happy woman.

MF, it's as aspiration - that pool of water you leave on leather seats in the summer time when you are nude.

Marnie, my suit needs ironing.

Reck, put a note on the door.

j-tony, you missed on integer in your porn sites.

Anonymous said...

I like the last one the best. Just in case you're shopping for me, too. :) Safe travels on the way home.

kitkat said...

i really love the "come back with a warrant" doormat haha. I can tell i'm goin to luv ur blog :p

Anonymous said...

Every Christmas, when Joe's ex-son-in-law and grandkids would come for their once a year love fest....(it's a requirement in order to get the gifts) I'd say "Not again!"

SO I want the first mat.

If the mat fits....and all that.

Anonymous said...

You COULD have left a link to my site. I don't have more than 2 readers of my manuscript. *sniff*