Friday, May 13, 2011

High Gas Prices Is A Good Thing - Believe It or Not

I have been wondering why there was no outcry over the price of gas under Barry's rule like there was against Bush.  Now I know.  It is because it is a GOOD THING we are paying out the ass for gas.  Liberals? We just can't afford the have them around.


Anonymous said...

Liberals are required by The Church of Progressivism to be happy with, and defend any position of, their messiah. If you disagree with them you are a stupid racist domestic terrorist. Rather than defend a position they deflect it back: "If you don't like the price of gas maybe you should walk or ride a bike to work." They are not wrong; it's your thinking that's wrong.

Orwell nailed it: "It is not good enough to obey him; you must love him."

Matty said...

Yep, the media is already brainwashing the public in preparation for the next election.