Monday, May 02, 2011

How's Your Passion - Mine Sucks

Peeps, I have this friend who is in my age group.  She is a writer, artist, motorcycle rider, shovels snow from her driveway and sends out personally painted greeting cards each holiday.  She is a lover of nature and sees the beauty in everything.  Her name is Mary Stebbins Taitt and her blog (the one I follow – she has several devoted to art, writing, or crafts No Polar Coordinates.  Check her out, you won’t be sorry.

She sent me an email today with this YouTube video.


The author, Isabel Allende, talks about passion in a humorous, straight forward way that can even bring tears to the eyes.  The video is a little long, just shy of 18 minutes, but is well worth the time you invest in watching it.

I’m not a huge women’s rights kind of a guy.  I do believe in equality and equal pay and equal partnership in marriage.  But I cannot support hiring, promoting or special treatment just because you are feminine.  If you are the best qualified and experienced, then you should achieve your goal.  However, the topic of this video is not about my opinions, but is about the passion and strength of some incredible women.

My problem is (or one of many) I have lost passion.  I guess that is part of the clinical depression stuff I go through, but it is something I try to work on.  However it is hard.  Judy sees the world through rose colored glasses and does not understand the concept of depression.  So I stopped trying to talk to her about it.  I do, however, know when I am depressed and I know how to change the moods.  But part of the depression is getting off your ass to do something about it.  I do, though.  

But enough about me!  This is about the video and the need for passion in one’s life.  So passionately watch it…if you have the time.

By the way, TED has some incredible speakers each week.  You can see them on YouTube…if you like that sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! YOU suffer from depression too??? Where were you when I was in bed for four days after the tornado....then after "anonymouse" came through like a plague...I mean...uh...not "where were you while I was in bed"....I mean, after all this time, you never told me that YOU are depressed TOO?

Hey, way to go on my blog. The check is in the mail.

Seriously, this is what "anonymous" pulled on us when we leased a house down here and were happy. Now that we're here permanently, she's going for his jugular by going after mine.

It's like fighting a snake with a fly swatter.

gayle said...

I don't have much passion unless it's for my grandson! It's hard to get excited about anything these days!