Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Money! Who Needs It?

It’s only money…what do I need with it?

Let me cry about it explain…

You know by now that Judy and I are updating, upgrading and getting ready to move into step-son’s new home’s basement.  We have been saving up for this for some time now and have made many purchases and worked very hard to get ready.  We are almost read, almost finished and…we are fucking broke.

In the past two months I have had $500 vet bill for Gabby, the Chocolate Lab, for injury’s received from a fight.  Then Bree, the Great Pyrenees, had a tumor like infection the size of a tennis ball come up on her leg…another $500 plus vet bill.  Then we had to have Judy’s car timing thing-a-ma-jig replaced to the tune of over a thousand dollars.  But we were making it…until yesterday.

I was hearing a grinding sound on my truck when I came to a stop.  So I had to have new breaks put on the front end.   But I have a 2008 F150 pickup.  This means it is not just a break job.  Of course I had to have the year model that required the whole break, hub assembly and kitchen sink replaced…not just a simple $200 dollar break job.  Plus, I need tires on the front because you could see the air floating around in them.

So $950 dollars later I have a truck that stops quietly and a bank account with cobwebs in it.

But it’s only money.  What do I need with it? Just stuff…that’s all.  

 Things will get better, I know.  But just in case, I’m gonna cut back on my sacrilegious jokes for a while.  Just to play it safe…


LOLA said...

The people who say money is not important are the people who have enough. Money can't buy me love (Thank you Beatles), but it sure makes life easier. It doesn't stop people from getting sick, but people with money can have the best doctors and go to the best hospitals. So on and so forth.


Momma Fargo said...

Oh Boy. I feel your pain. Oy.

Red Shoes said...


That must be those new fangled W-T-F Brakes... I'm sorry... that's quite a chunk of change there...


Coffeypot said...

LOLA, money does make the world go around. It cannot buy you happiness but it can make being miserable more comfortable.

MF, I KNOW you know how I feel with all the stuff happening to you at one time.

Shoes, $300 of that was two front tires. The $600 was for the brakes. Hubs, rotas the whole wheel assembly almost. It was only in the F150's for two years, but my luck, I had that year.

blueeyedtawni said...

gives you hugs .. im in the same boat . cobwebs in the account indeed.

If I won the lottery, Id give you lots of monies .. then we could go out for waffle house coffee again for real :)