Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tuesday Was Voting Day

I was out of the picture yesterday because I was doing my civic duty (No! Not jury duty – that is not a civic duty.  Anything that you are ‘asked’ to do by the County, State or Federal Government under threat of punishment is not doing your duty. It’s doing as you are commanded.)

Anyrant, after five years of working in the voting precincts in my county, I was given my own precinct.  This precinct was divided between my county (Cherokee) and Fulton (Atlanta) County and represented a small community of 400 plus registered voters.   This is an off year election and all that was on the ballot in many areas was some mayoral, city councilmen and some tax issues.  City council and a tax issue were all that was on our ballots.  My voters didn’t get to vote on the big issue.

The big issue ballot item that was the most controversial and attracted the most attention was the sale of alcohol on Sundays.  I cannot tell you how I voted on this issue because I truly believe that your voting choices are sacred and secret.  But I can tell you that I am as happy as a teen in a whore house with his dad’s Gold Card that it passed.

In many of the wet counties, Sunday sale of booze is allowed in restaurants and clubs, but cannot be purchased retail in liquor stores (closed on Sundays) or grocery stores.  Now we will be able to buy a six-pack or a bottle of juju juice any day of the week.

My precinct didn’t have that option because there are no businesses in the city or that portion of the county.  It is a small mountain side community like you see in a coffee table picture book with a lake and a park in the center of town.  Quiet a lovely place, but no shopping outlets.

Begrudgingly I have to think all you Yankee interlopers who have moved down here bringing you’re shopping habits with you.  There seems to be more of you than the Baptist this time.  Over the years, it was the Baptist and Methodist ‘Christians’ who would vote down any attempt of this caliber. But now that we have you ‘Godless Yankees’ down here, we are able to move on into the 21st Century.  And I believe our gentile ways have also changed many of you, too.  Why you almost never hear of Yankee’s eating their young down here.

Okay, back to the subject.  I had a great crew who enjoyed greeting and assisting the voters, and they made my job much easier.  I only had a few questions and concerns presented to me by the voters and after I slapped their jaws a couple of times, they went off and voted like I told them too. 

So if you want a fun experience and put in twelve to fourteen hours of meeting, and greeting interesting voters and socializing with a great team of people, join your county voter’s team.  I even got to work with an old high school friend, Barry, who had much information on some of our alumni.  And after all, it’s only one day and you can make a couple of new friends and, if you are a people watcher, really enjoy the sights.

And VOTE!  The USA, State, and County needs you.


Rita said...

Indiana has the same "blue" laws. No sale of alcohol on Sundays, but you can order it in bars and restaurants. AND, you can buy cold beer only in liquor stores 6 days a week, but those same liquor stores aren't allowed to sell cold sodas, so all the liquor stores have vending machines just outside their doors.

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

I expect the law will be changed since Indy is hosting the next Super Bowl, so imagine the thousands of tourists coming here and finding out they can't buy their tailgate beer on Super Bowl Sunday.

And, of course, the Sunday sales are also limited on CAR LOTS. You cannot sell a car on Sunday in the state of Indiana.

Don't ask me why, you'd think you wouldn't be able to buy a car if you had gotten drunk on the days you can buy alcohol.

At least one of the better limitations is that even the bars can't sell or serve alcohol on election day until after the polls close at 6 pm.

No drunk voting.

That law must have been overlooked in 2008 when Indiana went slightly to Obama. Drunk voting is my explanation for how that happened. But then again, even drunk I wouldn't have pulled that stunt.

Coffeypot said...

I know, Rita. Back in the day (Andrew Jackson days that is) the voting places were the bars and taverns in the counties. And free drinks were offered for votes. Just in the last few years here the law has been changed in that no beer store or grocery store has to close until 7:00. We close at seven. And thank you for not voting for that Socialist Chicago thug.

Rita said...

O barely won Indiana because he heavily carried all the area surrounding Gary, which you could say is nothing more than a horribly ugly suburb of Chicago.

He won't carry Indiana again, but if the Tea Party doesn't get a viable candidate, we're going to get screwed over with another four years and those will be worse than the last ones.