Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Brilliant Idea at 104 Degrees

The temperature in my area of Northeast Georgia is 104 degrees (that’s something like six million degrees Celsius) and, in direct sunlight, the heat index says 113 degrees. So what does the Coffey clan do on the record breaking hottest days in these parts? Buy a fucking 18’x4’ pool (assembly required.)

(you can click on the pic to biggersize it)

So we found the most level part of the yard and laid it out and started to put it together. Did I say th
at it’s 104 degrees? Well, it was/is/will be for the next few days.

My stepson, Steven, is helping us, too. This boy is freaking amazing with it comes to fixing (repairing, for you Yankees), building and maintaining stuff around the house. We (me) can work on something for an hour and he walks up and points out the problem and fixes it. I have to hold on real tight to my ‘Man Card’ when he is around.

Finally we get it put together and, per the instruction, ran an inch of water to check if it’s level. But you know, you can fool or coax water when it's trying to find its level. It is what it is. So this water found that it is three inches deep on one side and dry on the other. So we had to tear it down and shovel out some dirt to make it level.

Did I say it’s 104 degrees – in the shade?

Anypool, we finally got it set up and leveled, but found out that it will take 7,000 gallons of water to fill it up. That’s like nine million liters in Metrics. (I don’t do conversions very well.) That is a little more than our water pump and 1” water hose can handle. Hell, it would be winter by the time the pool filed up.

So we are having the water delivered. In water a truck…two trips. And I can sit in the shade with my diet Coke and let someone else fill it up…did I say it’s over 104 degrees (that’s something like a hundred million degrees Celsius).

Anyway, I will let you know how it feels in a day or two. I can’t get into the water yet because of my tattoo. It is still scabbing and peeling. But, anyspash, I know you are jealous because it is hot where you are, too.

Did I mention that it’s 104 degrees here?


GunDiva said...

You're having water trucked in?

Hm...have never heard that one before. But then, I've never owned a pool either. It's just not feasible in Colorado to own one - the maintenance is a bear. Or so I've heard.

Unknown said...

If you put up a sunshade, I'll be there with bells on!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of your pool. I may have to indulge in a road trip. :) Or I could drive up to 2 hours and have my choice of 3 great lakes.
104 F is 40 C, by the by. We had a week of that last week. Today its only 36 C / 97 F. And humid. Do you get humid? If you don't, I am definitely doing a road trip! And I have a portable sun shade I can bring.

Bob Mooney said...

Is it hot there, John? It's hot here.

Paxford said...

Awwww.... you should come for a visit - it's a balmy winters day here in Sunny Queensland. 21C (71F) - I may even need to put a long sleeved shirt on shortly

[living dangerously in paradise :D]

Symdaddy said...

I have an indoor pool, that someone else constructed and filled, and I have people to bring me drinks and make light salad dishes when the temperature rises a little too high.

At least that's what I wish for.

Janie Junebug said...

You're wise to just bring in the water. It's not that expensive, and it's so much easier. We had a well in Illinois. It ran dry a few times (once when The Hurricane's boyfriend was in the shower and covered in shampoo and soap) so we would buy a load of water and keep going. Our water guy worked 364 days/year. He only took off Thanksgiving. Anypool, if the pool water is too warm, put a big block of ice in it.


Stay cool, boyfriend!

Rita said...

Party at the Coffey house!

Coffeypot said...

Guns, All the chicken houses, dirt track racing and other stuff that requires huge amounts of water around her use it all the time. It is cheaper than running the house water.

Symdaddy, we thing (dream) alike.

Ladies, if I though y'all would be coming down, I'd not only build a sunshade, but add a/c, wet bar and cabana boys, too. Come on down.

lotta joy said...

Beau can't swim very well. I expect a lifeguard to be on duty 24/7.

Was it hot that day?

Rita said...

I'll take me one of those cabana boys.

Lickety Splitter said...

Ahhhhh I feel cooler already just looking at your pool picture!

Thank goodness for last night's thunderstorm. It cooled things off, just a wee bit in the deep south.

dc said...

What the heck is that wading pool at the end of the ladder for?? In case you slip going up the steps and have something to fall into. OH, I think I know, is it to rinse your feet off before climbing the ladder? That way you will have wet feet and can slip and fall into the pool. Nice touch. Enjoy! We are cool here in SW Mo. Only 100!

Momma Fargo said...

oY. Got you beat. 106. Too damn hot. I don't even have a pool. Dammit.