Monday, September 17, 2012

Been Missing - Back Good As Ever - For Now

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been around much. Well, I have, but it has been sporadic and only for a few comments. You also know I was down and out with a bad case of bronchitis. But I feel sooo much better now. In fact that is why I haven’t been around.

I woke up Friday morning feeling like a new man. I did have a doctor’s appointment (my six month checkup) and we talked about all that was wrong with me. All the aches I was beginning to attribute to arthritis and the night sweats were all from the infection. The antibiotic, CEFDINIR 300MG (OMNICEF) was causing the night sweats. The joint aches were from the infection. But my lungs are clear and I am breathing and walking and moving with the same old ease (for an old man) that I had before.

That's J-Man with his Mellophone. He also plays the Trumpet.

Bug with her Flute - third from the right.
She also plays the Clarinet.

So Friday night I drove the hundred miles to see the grandkids march in the band at their high school football game. Both of them are marching this year. I am so proud of them.

You know how we always say our kids are our babies forever.

It’s true…see?

My daughter, Marni, with her baby-bow head thingy.

I got home around midnight and was up early for a Saturday day-trip.

Judy and I drove over to Anderson, SC, to a huge flee market to just walk and see the amazing accumulation of junk. And I have a great idea how to get rid of all the illegal Mexicans…close down all the flea markets.

We didn’t leave empty handed, though. We brought back four new hens. We were down to only one left and Judy thought it was lonely. So when we got back we had to realign and reconstruct the chicken coops and fence area. But it was such a beautiful day…in the high 70’s and a mild breeze. It was just a great day to feel well and be outside. But after a great day of work and sweat, bed time came early so I wasn’t on the computer much.

Sunday morning we left for Charlotte, SC. Dr. Amber and Steven wanted to see their dad who is having a battle with Crones disease and they wanted to spend some time with him. Judy and I were looking for something to do, so we volunteered to drive them over and go check out stuff in the area while they visited.

It rained most of the way over there and some slight showers while we drove around, but when we stopped to do something the rain would stop. But we still couldn't get a good, clear picture because of the weather, so I Googled this...

We went over to Charlotte Motor Speedway and took the driving tour of the tack. That was very cool. We did get to ride in a van around the track at about 90 mph through the high banked turns and stuff. It was a hoot.

Then we drove around looking at some of the racing stables. All were closed due to it being Sunday but some of the places are awesome. Hendricks Motor Sports, Stewart/Hass Racing, and many others! It is amazing the amount of money that goes into and is required to run just CMS…not counting the other tracks. NASCAR is Big Bucks, Peeps!

Again, we got home a little after midnight, so, again, the pillow-hits- head thing was almost immediate. But it was a good tired. Saw and did a bunch this weekend and it felt so good after being down for over a week.

But the thing that was the topper to the weekend and makes it perfect was…I got a new watch band. I broke my old band when I first came down with the plague and my left arm felt naked…incomplete. Now it is complete, things are good, God is in his house and the world is back in its universe.

This time next week we will be on the road to Columbus, GA, to pick up my pal, Earle and his wife, Marie, for our trip to Dallas. We will drive for a few hours, stop at a motel around Mississippi and then drive on into Dallas on Tuesday. It’s my ship’s reunion, don’t cha know.

I am a happy camper.


Pamela said...

so glad to see you on the mend!

Old NFO said...

That's great news! :-)

NavyOne said...

Alright, glad to see you are back in the saddle!

Janie Junebug said...

Your daughter and the grandkids are beautiful. How blessed they must feel when you drive a hundred miles to see them march in the band. I'm glad you feel better.


P.S. And have a great reunion!