Saturday, October 06, 2012

At The Stockyards in Fort Worth

Going into the Stockyards in Fort Worth I stopped to talk to his lady and her awesome horse, Jimmy.
She with the City Tourist Board and rides up and down the road helping people and answering questions.
Great Job, Huh?

Then she turned Jimmy around and, walla, he is not all white.  I loved how the dark was outlined with the gray.  She said it was to prove they could color in the lines.  But when I started to take a picture of the pattern, she made a joke of me taking a picture back there.  So I told her...

I just wanted my Peeps to see what a horse's ass looked like and it's not me.

She wasn't so sure...


Momma Fargo said...

Ha! There are many horse's asses. You might or might not be one of them. LOL

Suz said...

Hey, I know that guy!

Old NFO said...

LOL, great one! And I think I've talked to her before... Nice lady!

lotta joy said...

Among the many horse's asses I know, that IS the most GORGEOUS ass I've ever seen.

Well, drop your pants so I can be sure.

Janie Junebug said...

That horse really does have beautiful coloring and that would be a cool job to have.


middle child said...

Hmmmm. Looks familiar.

MSgt B said...

Captain who??

Miss Em said...

Hummmmmmmmm. Looks like a mirror shot. Could be full male pattern baldness except its got a line around it.

...I got an android 4glite that is letting me say ...

Hi 'Blog Daddy'!

Miss EM
(Oh Just Damn)

Coffeypot said...

MF, I resemble that fact.

Suz, I worked for him.

OldNFO, she was so friendly. But how could she not be. Riding a horse all day answering dumb questions. Has to be a fun job.

LJ, Not gorgeous, more pile driving.

Janie, it was a strange coloring with the perfect gray line.

MC, Not ME!!!

MSgt B, met more 2nd lt's or Ens. that fit that description.

Ms Em...good to hear from you again. Though you had given up on us.