Sunday, August 30, 2015

Give Up or Quit - That Is The Question

Hey, Peeps.  You may have noticed, if you have even stopped by here in a while, that I haven’t posted anything since June.  I have no excuse for this laps.  Just facts.

Fact:  I haven’t had much to say without some kind of visual support, and I am not a wordsmith (as you can also tell) like many of my blogger pals on the side bar.  And I freely admit I am computer illiterate.

I have no one who can come over and give a tutorial on how to update or fix blogger.  I also suffer from ADHD, or some other kind of acronym, and dearly hate to do in-depth research unless it actually interest me.  So I do not try to learn stuff like whatever it is called that adds to the blog.  I had a good friend build my blog page with all the pictures and colors and stuff because she is a whiz at doing stuff like that.  But I am not one of her dependents on her tax forms, so she needs to devote her time to her family, not babysitting me.

I did try to use Chrome, but I seem to have lost stuff, or didn’t know how to get it back.  I couldn’t see my blog or anything.  So I went back to the old Google setup.  Again, I am computer illiterate. 
Recon age has something to do with it?  I was in the dentist office getting my toffies polished, and mentioned something I saw of Facebook, and the hygienist said it was so cool that I was on Facebook.  That not many people in my age group take the time to learn new stuff.  The sooty little bitch.  If she wasn’t so pretty with great eyes, I would have walked (or shuffled my old ass) out of there.  But, then again, she may be right.

I guess, because of using the old shit, I cannot post videos from YouTube or news sources, etc.  Also, I do not have photo shop or any of those cool sites that will let me build my own posters, comment on pictures, and other neat things that makes a blog interesting. 

So I thought about just taking the down… but I can’t.  I come here every day just to read the awesome peeps on the side bar.  I cannot give them up.  So this place will be like a ghost town.  Old stuff still around, but not much activity.  I still retain the right to post something if I think you would enjoy it – if you still have me on your list of blogger pals.  But if you choose to add more space by deleting my blog, I truly understand and thank you for hanging in so long. 

I really enjoyed doing this for several years.  I made a few friends from meeting you on this blog and still have contact with some of you over on Facebook, which is where I am spending most of my time and energy.  It is a little difficult for me to learn stuff there, too, but they have not intimidated and irritated me as much as blogger has.  So I will be hanging more over there.

I may come back here and repost some of my stuff from over the years… maybe update them a little.  We shall see.

In the meantime, if you do drop by here, I strongly advise you check out he peeps on the side bar.  They are awesome.

Later… maybe.


LL said...

Return with sea stories and tales of great moments.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Just write what comes to mind. Very few of us doing this are professional writers, or strive to be published authors. Imagine you are across the table at a Waffle House and sharing a life experience or life lesson. Grammer? Don't worry.

NavyDavy said...

Check in when ever I'm on. Knew you were up and about from your comments on other blogs (EB).Enjoy your black shoe non PC remarks.

Coffeypot said...

LL, I do have a few of those. Some Navy, some TMI Thursday (true stories that had too much info in them). I'll think about it.

WSF, I wish I could write well enough to put enough words together that would hold someone's interest. Usually, at the WH, I sit alone and read what ever book I have with me. Occasionally I'll get to jaw-jacking with some of the regulars, but mostly read.

NavyDavy, I have seen you at EB's, too. Thanks for stopping by, even if it was a dry run. And I have never been accused of being PC... ever.

Old NFO said...

Do what you want, we'll read damn near anything...LOL :-)

Momma Fargo said...

I think you are making up a bunch of lame excuses. I check here and often. I use Chrome with no problems. Blogger is not broke.

Momma Fargo said...

And +1 on OLDNFO

lotta joy said...

I haven't been posting like I used to. Old people get tired easily and the mind is the first to I'm pretty mindless lately. I told Joe that if we had to escape a hurricane, I wouldn't mind joining you in your basement, but we didn't have to stir our stumps since Erica had a meltdown and fell apart. I know how she feels.

Coffeypot said...

Old NFO, I know, right? If I go to the bathroom without a book or magazine, I can tell you all the ingredients and precautions on any object in reach.

MF, no excuses, facts. Again, I am up to anything on the computer IF I have someone to show me how to get it started. Illiterate, I tell ya, Illiterate.

LJ, y'all are welcome anytime. I have to admit that I do sleep better in my chair during the day than in the bed at night. And I wake up more rested, too. Strange, huh! You chose to live in hurricane alley. And from what I've seen on TV about evacs on the highway, I'd suggest renting a helicopter to get the hell out of town.

lotta joy said...

We decided a long time ago not to hang around until every Florida idiot is on the highway. I'd rather face a hurricane than ten mexicans in a speeding Pinto.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Just write.
I'm easily entertained and long winded posts often overwhelm my ADHD or oh, look, a puppy.
I'll be right back.

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