Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good TV; Good Music

The Andy Griffith Show was some mighty good tv, folks. One of the cast of characters in Mayberry was The Darlings. The group's real name is really The Dillards. Below is one if my favorite songs from the show. The Dillards are still playing - minus Charlene (Maggie Peterson.) I have posted the same song from the show and now.

This was then:

This is now:

Fun and pretty, huh?

I guess we have all aged, too? Huh?


Trukindog said...

Thanks for the memory bud, my favorite episodes of the Andy Griffith show were always when they fetured the Darlings, Barney or Ernerst T Bass.

Now then HIT IT BOYS!

e.Craig Crawford said...

I miss the music I used to hear when I was working in the mountains for a few months so many years ago.

coffeypot said...

td, I always enjoyed the AGS. Mayberry would have been a good place to live.

e.c., I enjoy going to blue grass festivals around here. Good music, good people, good socializing. Come on down and I’ll show you a good time.

Brother Dave said...

Great entertainment.

Yep, we are older.

And better.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed it, good Bluegrass.
Mr. G

Marni said...

bleh... sorry...

coffeypot said...

bleh! Are you serious? That is great bluegrass music. What do you know anyway? You liked the Bay City Rollers.

Nancy said...

Great, thank's John I love bluegrass music -