Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day 2009




It’s not about the parades, folks. It’s not about the picnics and the watermelons and all the speeches.

It’s about the men and women lying in hallowed ground all over the world, laid to rest from the Revolutionary War to today. It is because of these people that we are able to have the parades and picnics and speeches without fear of reprisals. They gave their all and deserve to be remembered.

So enjoy your Memorial Day and the festivities, but keep it in the back of your mind what it is really all about.

Lest We Forget
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SkippyMom said...

Nicely said Coffey. Hope you have a restful weekend.

CI-Roller Dude said...

You almost made me cry.
But what really makes me sad is that so many citizens don't know what this holiday is about. The last few days I've had a few good citizens say something like "this is your holiday..."

And I had to explain to them that I was actually not killed in Iraq or Bosnia. They just looked puzzled and I left it at that because that's the way I am.

Sarge Charlie said...

nicce post my friend, thanks for your service

Coffeypot said...

Skippy, thanks for your comment, and I don't think it will be too restfull. We have the grandkids this weekend with movies planned.

CI, you may have shead a tear or two and for the right reasons, but never over anything I say or do (unless, of course, you loose to a sailor in a pissing contest.)

Sgt. Charlie, you deserve the thanks. I just serverd - nothing special.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

You are exactly 100 percent correct, coffeypot. It's about all of those brave men and women who have served our country.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day.

Pamela said...


Coffeypot said...

Mr. R, it's not about all those who have served, it's about all those who have died in the service of our country. Veterans Day is for all those who have and are serving. Memorial Day is for those who gave all.

Pamela, my most favorite word from a woman.