Thursday, July 02, 2009

TMI The Movie Post Rerun

My blog buddy, Cooper Green, reminded me of this post from two years ago and I though, since I have some peeps that joined me after this was published, they might be interested in reading about how I can get involved in some crazy shit without even trying.

It was a week night back in the summer of 1980 and I was bored. There was nothing on television but re-runs, and I was newly divorced and didn’t really have a girlfriend to pal around with. So I started out to get something to eat. On the way I passed the neighborhood theater and decided to check out a movie that was playing. It wasn’t a first run type movie, just one that had been out for a while. The theater was air-conditioned and it was something to do, so I went in.

I was enjoying my popcorn and coke when a couple came in and sit down a couple of rows in front of me. There weren’t many people in the theater because it was a week-night, and because it wasn’t a first run movie. After the movie began they started looking around and talking to themselves. Then they go up and came back to my row and sit down next to me; she was between us. She had on a skirt that buttoned up the front and a low cut blouse – for convenience I soon found out. Anyway, he put his arm around her shoulder and started massaging and rubbing her boob. So I watched.

She was sitting with her legs crossed and her foot was next to my leg. When she came she stiffened and kind of kicked me. Kind of like trying to get my attention – which they had from the moment he put his arm around her. Anyway, soon he got up and left to get a soft drink. She looked at me and said she was sorry for kicking me. I ask her if they did stuff like that all the time and she said that she and her boyfriend did. So I ask her if I could join them, too, and she said yes. It was about this time in my life that I realized prayer actually does work.

He came back a few minuets later and unzipped his pants. Then, as fast as a New York Pickpocket in Times Square on New Years Eve, she had done the same thing to me. Then she unbuttoned her skirt part way down. Seems she had came commando. So she started to work on both of us and we took turns playing with her.

It was amazing how active she could be without moving her shoulders and head. No one in the theater knew what was going on, and believe me, she could have been a one armed jack-man on a NASCAR pit crew. And she did it all with her eyes closed – not that she needed them.

Anyway, she (we) enjoyed it so much that she did it again. Twice in one movie! I was so proud.

Afterward we were standing out front of the movie and they told me they lived on the South-side of Atlanta. I was on the North West side. If they had been caught they didn’t want to be in their area. They wanted to get together and do it again sometime and asked for my telephone number. I gave them a fake number. I really didn’t want to get involved with something like that on a regular bases, so I lied. Just adding the episode to my list of life experiences was enough.

And I also didn’t go back to that theater again for almost a year. Just in case. But I must admit that there have been times I wish I could bump into them again. For the life experience, you know.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Is this some huge fantasy, or did it really happen? WOW!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

If I were putting stories like this in my blog, I would feel obligated to change the status to "adult content."

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

No that I don't have any stories like this.

Coffeypot said...

Mary, yes, it is true. And this is just one incident out of way too many that happened to me. And I usually not the one who started stuff. I just went along.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Did I ever tell you the story of when I was the Door Gunner on the Space Shuttle. We'd fly off into space and I had to leave the side door open so I could shoot my M-60 out the door incase we got attacked.
It as hard holding my breath for that long...but we never got attacked.

But, the question I really have to ask:
What was the movie?

Coffeypot said...

Dude...I don't remember. You scoff, but I swear it's all true. I'm just glad it was all over before the lights came up.

I forgot to tell y'all, she had a big carry-all with a roll of paper towels and an empty plastic baggie. A whole role!!! She must have been expecting more than she got.

When Darkness Falls... said...

I've never went to the theatre alone before....hmmmm

Olly said...

You forgot to put "Dear Penthouse" at the top! LOL

Coffeypot said...

When Darkness Falls, let me know when you do go alone.

Olly, I didn't think of that. Maybe I should send it to them.

Unknown said...

I'm speechless!! (Which for me is a trick!) The only time any female has ever put their probing fingers anywhere close to the nether regions of my lap in a movie theater was when Judi spilled her popcorn and was determined to retrieve the missing kernels. I still have hot flashes remembering that. Some people...have all the luck.