Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obam Is Just Not That Important

From a few post ago where I was whining about having no passion anymore. Well, we did decide that I do have a passion for my grandkids. But I have another passion. Living in a free country. And to that cause I will fight, blog and email about this Socialist Joker we have in Washington and the fools who cow toe to his every whim.

I do have the pleasure to report out that his approval rating is now LOWER than the worst President to ever serve in office, Jimmy ‘The Dictator Loving’ Carter. Now all you people who jumped on the ‘Lets Make History By Electing The First Black President In History Because I Am So Cool And Unprejudiced’ band wagon are having serious doubts about what you did. He is killing us in the world's eyes. They have no respect for a country’s leader who apologizes for his country’s actions. He is just not as important to REAL world leaders (except the despots in South America and Cuba) and does not have the respect HE thinks he has. Watch the two videos below to see how other countries view him and his self importance.

On Obama's first visit in the Middle East to Saudi Arabia, this video of him on the "Welcome Line" with King Abdullah. BTY, how come no one is bowing to the King? Didn't his handlers say it was the proper thing to do to royalty of other countries? I guess the other royal people didn't get the same message.

Found on MSNBC.

Here is President Obama (who said he made great strides at this meeting), the leader of the free world, coming out of the meeting with the Russians and no one seems to want to shake his hand. MSNBC said nothing about it but I found it amazing.

This is also a must see. How stupid can our elected officials be. Liberalism JUST DOES NOT WORK.

And, finally, for those of you who do not indulge in the things that make our coutry great, here is a video for you:

Later, Peeps!


CI-Roller Dude said...

I love this...
One of the things I did in Bosnia was try to find some of the folks who had committed "war crimes."
I read everything about these dudes...very bad. Started a war etc.
Then I looked at what Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld did in Iraq. looked the same.
Invading Ascrackastan was legal and just, but going into Iraq was a war crime.

Now I know a lot of you will get pissed off...but let's wait and see how history explains this in 50 years.
If you travel to other countries, you might find with Bush in office, most of the world hated the US. Now, at least they're talking to us again.
(50% of the world is shit, but it's the other 50% we should care about.)

Coffeypot said...

Dude, going into Iraq is only a war crime because the Demoncrats said it was. They would say and do anything to discredit Bush. We have lost lives of some fine young men and women, but the country is in much better shape now than it was before we went in.

No WOMD's? If you remember, France, Germany and Russia, countries who had mass investments in Iraq, held up the invasion for over a year while Sadam moved the shit into Syria and other places. The WOMD were not the huge missiles in silos, they are vials in suitcases’ that were moved in trunks of cars and in lunch bags and stuff. But they were there and they had been used. I'm proud of what you and others have done and I am proud of Bush for staying the course and not backing down to the liberal media and pressure.

I can't waite to read the history books some 50 years for now,too.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Nope, the WMDs were gotten rid of long before we invaded...turns out the only reason dumbass Sadam pretended like he still had them was so Iran wouldn't attack Iraq.

One country should never start a war unless they are totally sure they are legally correct.
Now, the funny thing is...if they asked me to go back to Iraq, I would...because it would be my duty.

Take a look at US Military History going back to about the 1890's. We never started a war before...did we?

Coffeypot said...

No, and we didn't start this one, either. It stated under Bush 1 during the invasion of Kuwaiti. Bush 2 enforced the rules set down by his dad. There are many reasons why we went in, too. Bad information or direct lies from Great Britten or the CIA among others. But the reasons how or why it started isn’t that important to me. It’s the rules of engagement, the restrictions put on our guys because of politics. If the US is going to go to war with anyone for any reason, the government should bow out and let the military do their job. It would be over fast and with less loss of life. I blame the number of deaths (most of them non-combat related or IED related) on the Democratic Liberal Media and cronies. But like Nam, there are many reasons for Who, What, Where, Why and When.