Friday, August 07, 2009

The Confessional

One Sunday I go into a confessional box and say to the priest, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose woman.”

The Priest says, “Is that you, John?”

“Yes, Father, it’s me.”

“Who was the woman you were with, my son?”

“I cannot tell you, Father, because I don’t want to ruin her reputation.”

The Priest says, “Umm, was it Brenda O’Malley?”

“No, Father.”

“Was it Fiona MacDonald?”


“Was it Ann Brown?”


“Was it Mary Elizabeth O’Shea?”

“No, Father, it wasn’t.”

“Was it Cathy Morgan?”

NO, Father! I cannot tell you.”

The Priest finally says, “Well, Johnny me boy, I admire your perseverance, but you must atone for your sins. Your penance will be four Our Fathers and five Hail Mary’s. Now go back to your seat.”

When I got back to my pew my buddy, Chuck, slides over and whispers, “What happened?”

“Well, I got four Our Fathers and five Hail Mary’s and six good leads.”

High Five Slaps!!
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CI-Roller Dude said...

OK, more Irish jokes..... I guess we're one of the few groups you can joke about without getting called something.....

Coffeypot said...

Paddies, Micks, Harps, Cops, Drunks…

Biddie said...

Lol. Since I am part Irish, I will pretend to be offended, but it was pretty good :)

Coffeypot said...

Biddie, we Irish don't get offended - unless you refuse to buy us a drink. Then your considered English.

Kanani said...


Anonymous said...

I'm English too...but don't tell anyone. One of my greatest accomplishments in humor was getting a Beefeater to laugh at the castle. can't ask how...but it was wasn't bad...just smart. When he laughed his crazy hat started to fall...hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Making a Beefeater laugh is quiet an accomplishment. Put that on your resume.

Coffeypot said...

How did my comment get an anonymous tag?

Red said...

Oh, I love this! I am so passing this on