Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rainy Day In Blairsville

It started raining as we left home for the drive to Blairsville and the Bluegrass Festival. It only got heavier as we drove North. It stopped for about 30 minutes as we were checking into the motel. By the way, if any of your need surgery, or a home built or a car engine rebuilt, just call on me because we are staying in a Holiday Inn Express.

Then the thunder and the deluge started. All the tents set up for the country crafts and the scattered bands, were empty. The court house on the square had bands playing all day, the civic center had some playing most of the day as did the Historical Society. But Blairsville is a small town built around a square and very little parking. All the places were taken up mostly by the bands. I had to let Judy and the grandkids out and go park a few blocks away and walk back in the rain.

I wasn’t in the best of moods, either. The weather seem to put a damper (no pun intended) on my spirits. But Sunday is suppose to be sunny and in the high 60’s. Maybe it will be better then.

One highlight, other than hearing some damn good music, was where we ate lunch. Sgt. Charlie, who was raised in these parts and live here until moving full time to Florida earlier this year, suggested we eat at a place called The Comfort Inn. We tried, but it was closed. Seems there was a new birth in the family and the new addition was more important than the festival. So we went across the square to The Hole In The Wall Café. The food wasn’t great, but the decor was cute. The walls were covered with plaques and signs with all these sayings.

So in keeping with my continuing education of you peeps, I give you some sayings to help guide your life. I couldn't copy them all down because the other customers were getting mad with me for leaning over them to write the sayins down. Some people can be so pickey over their food and eating arrangemtns.

But here are a few of the ones I could get:

1. Every time I say I’m dieting…I wash my mouth with Chocolate.

2. You can’t scare me, I teach 5th grade.

3. Friends don’t let friends eat chocolate alone.

4. A closed mouth gathers no feet.

5. Coffee is hot water with an attitude.

6. Angles do exist…sometimes they have no wings and are called friends.

7. Irish Diplomacy is the ability to tell someone to go to hell so that he looks forward to the trip.

8. My wife things a fishing rod is a pole with a jerk on both ends.

9. Sing at MeMaw and PawPaw’s house: Kids Spoiled Here.

10. If you want the best seat in the house you are going to have to move the dog.

11. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

12. Mothers of teenagers know why some animals eat their young.

13. Ice Tea - Wine Of The South.

Your welcome!

Pictures and more to follow. Stop yawning! STOP IT!
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Sarge Charlie said...

Sorry about the comfort cafe, you missed a treat, my second choice would be the Sawmill Place but unless things have changed they will not be open on Sunday.

I hope you have a good day today, if comfort is open do not leave without a pice of their chocolate cake.........

Sarge Charlie said...

My photo was taken on the porch of the old Sawmill Place cafe.

Kanani said...

Glad you went. Sounds like a very pretty place. I will have to see it when we move to GA next year.

Ducky said...

Sorry to hear about the weather. If only we could control that too!

Great sayings...some I've never heard before.

Pamela said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Johh.

Coffeypot said...

Sgt Charlie, I tried today, too. Still closed.

Kanani, I will be glad to give y'all a tour. The have Bluegrass concerts every Friday night.

Daffy, Sunday was beautiful.

Pamela, yep!

Thank you, Hope!