Wednesday, November 18, 2009

McNaughton Art

I can tell by the comments from my last post that I under whelmed some of you. I meant to be rude, crude and socially unacceptable…I really did. But I thought the sonogram of Frosty was kind of cute and it does look like a cum splat. So maybe I did come through with the vulgar and insensitive after all. Use you imagination, y’all.

But, be forewarned, this post is kinda clean, too. Partly controversial, but family friendly.

Use your mouse to point to any person and look at the box on the right side for an explanation as well as reading McNaughton’s comments at the bottom.

I think this is a really cool picture, even though there are no necked women or sex scenes in it. Just copy and paste the url below and be supprised.

Now! So I won't disappoint or under whelme my faithful followers, let me suggest you go to Google, turn your Safe Search to OFF, click on images and type in Hugh Jackman Nude. You’re welcome Ladies. For you guys, do the same thing except put in Catherine Bell or Dana Delaney. Your welcome, too.


Matty said...

I never heard of him until now. I went over and looked at the painting, and I was in awe. Once I started scrolling over each person and reading the description, I couldn't stop. I read about every single person there. I also went into the interview and symbolism sections and was flabbergasted but what I read. The "meaning" behind every detail of the picture is so inspiring. Anyone looking at this without knowing the background behind it would see nothing more than an average painting.

Then I went into his gallery and was just blown away. This guy has been blessed with talent beyond description.

He really hits Americans right between the eyes with what this painting represents about the state of this country.

Sure, as he says in his interview, it's only his opinion. But many people, including me, agree with him.

Thanks for posting this friend. Not everyone will like this painting, or the message it conveys, but it's STILL a free country, and you posted it because you STILL CAN.

And because I STILL CAN, I'm voicing my opinion through this comment.

June said...

I am passing this link on!

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Hmmmm ... I would never have thought to describe your previous picture as a "cum splat."

Coffeypot said...

No, Mr. R. You are too much of a gentleman to do that.

Anonymous said...

My poor little snowflake was alive?

Unknown said...

snowflake = cum splat. now THERE'S the coffeypot I know!