Sunday, November 15, 2009

Over The Top MeMe

I stole this from Jan at Tookie Tales (
I don’t know why I keep doing these because y’all know everything I want you to know about me already. So this one might be my last one unless someone comes up with a new way of asking questions. I have thought about doing a “Truth or Dare” type blog, but it would take some time and more effort than I have the desire to put into it. So, it any of you real smart people thinks it’s a good idea, go for it.

Over The Top MeMe

Part One - Describe:
Your hair? Gray!
Your mother? Worm Food - Dead!
Your father? Him, too!
Your favorite food? Sushi right now.
Your dream last night? That I ate a giant marshmallow - woke up and my pillow was gone.
Your favorite drink? Depends! Ice Tea, Diet Coke, Bud Lite, Jack Black!
Your dream/goal? To live longer than Methuselah.
The room are you in? Family Room!
Your hobby? Reading, Masturbating and Blogging (sometimes at the same time!)
Your fear? Jealous Husbands!
Your TV? Over there!
Your Pets? With Dr. Amber (except my buddy, Chaplin.)
Friends? None!
Your life? Is lonely.
Your mood? Is resigned.
If you're missing someone? No! Everybody is accounted for.
Your best friend? Nonexistent!

Part Two - The Where's?
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Alive!
Where were you last night? Motel in Winchester, VA
Where did you grow up? I started out in Atlanta from birth to 17, but I’m still growing up.
One place that I go to over and over? The bathroom.
Your favorite place to eat out? Waffle House or any Sushi bar.
Wish list items? Health, Happiness, Win The Lottery and Obama, Pelosi, Reed and the rest of the Socialist out of office before it is too late.
Last time you laughed? Five minutes ago.
Last time you cried? Today!

Part Three - The What's?
Something that you aren't? Gay!
Last thing you did? Answer the last question.
What are you wearing? Blue jeans and t-shirt
Something you're not wearing? Condom!
Your favorite store? Wal Mart where all the cool chicks are.


Matty said...

Your life is an open book. And from the looks of some of these answers......very open. But then again, at this age, we have very little to hide.

Coffeypot said...

Matty, that’s one of the reasons I don’t have many (or any) true friends. I don’t hide anything, including my thoughts and opinions. But the good thing is, people will always know where I stand and they will never have to worry about me lying to them. It just takes too much time and energy to keep up with lies. And if they decide they don’t like me or want to have anything to do with me, then we have both save precious time and a future hurt. Kind of pessimistic I know, but it works for me. I’ll just keep y’all laughing and that makes the day a lot easier to get through.

Jan said...

*giggling* If I ever need a laugh, all I need to do is click on your blog. I love love love your answers! You are one hilarious man! I love your candor. I find it so refreshing. In fact, this is how my friends are too. So you would be in good company if we lived nearby. :)

Unknown said...

Hi there!
I've seen you around, and have been meaning to come over and say hello. Love your answers--hysterical!

I love "meeting" new friends via blogs.

Will have to take a look around and see what else there is to read for a bit!

Ducky said...

"Waffle House or any Sushi bar"

You're a well rounded guy! I think I'd have to take Waffle House over fresh fish....yuck! But then I'm guessing a little tuna never stopped you before....

Tracie said...

I'm surprised that you are a sushi fan. Now I've learned something today.

Anonymous said...

you have friends, you dork...xox

Coffeypot said...

Jan, you need to laugh often and never NEED a laugh. But if I do the trick, then hang around as long as you like.

Erin, thank you and welcome. I, too, like meeting new friends in the blogging world. Come back anytime - if you don’t mind being offended often.

Daffy, I do love the tuna you speak of. It’s the only taste treat that comes with sound.

Kys, I do love Sushi, but I am new to it. I tried it out of curiosity; I wondered why so many people seemed to like it. And it seems the only reason more people don’t try it is because of the idea of eating raw or steamed sea creatures. The surprise to me was how IT DOES NOT TASTE FISHY.

Hope, I have a bunch of virtual friends that I enjoy very much. But they only get a dose of me for a minuet at a time each day. You, more than anyone, knows how hard it is to be my friend. Not many people will take the time to filter though the bullshit to see what lies beneath. To your credit, you are that type person and I am a better person because of it. XOXOX back atcha.