Monday, November 16, 2009

Redneck Christmas Lights

Some of us Southern boys wear the handle ‘Red Neck’ with pride.

It brings up a vision of people who, although might not be highly educated, are true, loyal friends who will give you the shirt off their back if you need warming. They will cover your six if you are in trouble and are patriotic to a fault.

Their families are close and cousins play with each other and are best friends. All the kids answer to any mom or dads close by and had better not show disrespect to anyone older than them. Yet, if you cross one, you will have the whole family to deal with.

Good old boys who will be out in the rain or snow working on your car or truck if you are broken down and need the help.

People that will be at your door with a platter of food if you are sick or there’s a death in the family.

They love their cars and trucks and know all the NASCAR drives names, car numbers and the names of their wives and girlfriends. The also take their football and baseball seriously and will wear their favorite teams school or team colors and t-shirts with pride - though some never made it out of high school.

Having a red-neck for a friend means you are a good person and you will have a friend for life - unless you cross him. Then you will have Hell to pay.

But sometimes they can go too far. That’s when their humor really comes out. And this is an example of their humor.

Now that thar is funny, I don't care who you are.


Lee said...

THAT is hysterical!

Matty said...

Git R Done

Ed said...

Hotdog that's a nice buck.

Mala said...

I saw something very similar last night, except they used real deers.

Coffeypot said...

Ed, that's why it got glowed in the dark.

Mala, but they weren't glowing.

Unknown said...

good one! I'll be passing this along to my son!

June said...

Love it!!

mrscravitz said...

Yep that IS funny! Thank you for my morning Chuckle!

Tracie said...

Look at the rack on that one!