Friday, November 27, 2009

Rednecks Are Loved

It has been suggested that I start a weekly post about Rednecks. I think I will. After all I am one. I was raised by one. I have lived among’em all my life. And regardless of the stereotypical image the weirdywood movies and television portrays, we are a great bunch of people and I am proud to be considered a redneck.


The humor associated with rednecks is classic. I am not offended by redneck jokes just as I am not offended by Irish jokes as I am of Irish decent. So I think I will start making Mondays Redneck Monday. So, since today is Friday, I think I will start it today.

There is one thing you Yankees need to know. If you want to live among us you must be educated as to the ways and means of being raised in the South.

So if you study real hard you will be awarded one of these and you will not be made fun of by your redneck brothering.

Some Rednecks Have The Best of Everything

Man's Best Friend Will Get Him Home Everytime

Even Good-ole-Boys Like to Cruise For Chicks

I Bet The Steaks Will Taste Like Shit

Now Do You Really Want To Vist These People?

15 Miles To A Bag of Oats

"How long ya been farming?"


Paxford said...

Awww... some cute photos there.
And I've always wondered if there is a Collective Noun for all Americans? (we Aussies [Australians] and Kiwis [New Zealanders] have the habit of calling all of you "Yanks" and that seems to piss off about 2/3rds of you. Got any alternative (polite) names?

Coffeypot said...

During WWII the US was called both Yanks and Joe (GI Joe), the Brits were called Tommy, the Australians were called Aussies (as you know) and the Germans and Japs were call Mother Fucking Cock Suckers.

We have been called Yanks by many countries and it has never bothered ,me, even though the word is one use to as a cuss word in the South when talking about those interlopers from the North.

Thank you, Paxford, for working with Hope and SSGT Jon.

Mike Golch said...

Coffeepot,Great post,I enjoyed every pic.especialy the Redneck swimming pool.I know a joker that did just that,but of course it was in California.

Sarge Charlie said...

I feel at home with this post.

Anonymous said...

That guy was barbegue tanked.
Natural gas smoked.

Ducky said...

Wheeeeewie! Bout durn time sumones started postin bout the good 'ole boys.

Now, who's up next in the spittn' contest? Mom? Yur tern

Peggy Sez.. said...

YEE HAW!I kin hardly wait fer Munday!!
Make sure you pay tribute to the
"Hey Y'all Watch This" folks.
I love me some rowdy redneck boys.