Friday, December 25, 2009

Award Time

My friend, Jessica, over at Just Another Day gave me this present.

It’s Jessica in her Christmas outfit.

Talk about the joy of Christmas Spirit.

Ain’t she cute.

Nah! She passed cute in the 5th grade. She is just plain hawt.

Jessica also gave me this award.

I don't have 101 followers that admit they come by here. She said it was because I am so fucking awesome. No! Wait! She said I was funny. Poor thing. We will all pray for her and her since of humor. Now everyone bow your heads, please and silently pray to what ever God or being fits your needs.


Now, to receive this I have to do two things. Post 10 things that make me happy and pass this on to 10 others that I think should have it. Now remind me? These are rules, right? And I don’t do well with rules, right? So I will just post some things I like and any 10 of you that would like to have this award please take it with my blessings, gratitude and encouragement.

I have some awesome people who take a few minutes to come over to my site to read, laugh, get mad, throw up, masturbate or other stuff and I have a lot of respect and admiration for each and everyone of you, and I cannot, and will not, choose one over the other.

But if y’all want to jump in the pile and duke it out for the honor, then I’ll be as happy as a teenager in a whore house with his daddy’s credit card to watch you go at it. And if you do take this award, you do not have to tell anyone you got it from me. It might ruing your reputation.

Now - for the 10 things that makes me happy.

1. My grandkids!
2. Bing right!
3. Going to the Waffle House and shooting the shit with the waitresses and the regulars.
4. Driving anything on wheels; 2 to 18 of'um.
5. Reading!
6. Being Ignorant - there is bliss in that.
7. Blogging and reading the comments to my blog.
8. Reading y’all’s blogs and commenting on them.
9. Helping others (not for recognition, but for the sake of helping)
10, Hope and Faith (not the television sitcom) the two things that gets me through life and into the next day.

So now you have it. If you want the award, knock yourself out.



Paxford said...

"then I’ll be as happy as a teenager in a whore house with his daddy’s credit card"

That's a masterful saying - wonder how I can manage to incorporate in to my next departmental report... plotting...



Ed said...


Anonymous said...

It's rightfully yours, and thanks for all the humor and the seriousness that you point out to us all year.


Ducky said...

I'm so glad someone has given you awards...

The one I'm working on is the works....

Matty said...

You deserve the "heart of gold" award.

I share your happiness on a lot of those same things.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I'll trade my rack of crap.
Merry day after christmas.

Coffeypot said...

Dude, you sound like you didn't get to bust too many heads yesterday. Sorry! Maybe you can grab a few today.

Tracie said...

Good for you! I'm supposed to do a happy list, too. Reading and all the blog stuff will be on it.