Monday, February 22, 2010

Redneck Monday II - Jay Leno and Chicken CPR



Rondell said...

I hates me that Jay Leno! Why come he gotta take Arsenio show off the air? He can't give nobody but heself a chance!

Coffeypot said...

Rondell, Jay Leno doesn’t have the power to take anyone off the air. Aresnio, though I like his show, did not have the ratings and the powers that be took him off the air. Jay has no power to give anyone a chance except for those who come on his show. Arsenio’s show ran for 5 years, going off the air in 1994 - 16 years ago. Don’t you think you need to let it go?

Daffy said...

I should send you the pic I snapped today with my cell phone. Someone at work had a live turkey in thier car. ALL.DAY.LONG that turkey stayed in the back of the car. Whoever it was put down trashbags to catch the shit and a bowl of water and some feed. WHO DOES SHIT LIKE THAT? WTF?

Sorry, the chicken thing made me think about that.

It was funny. Thanks for the smiles!

Olly said...

I'm a huge Craig Ferguson fan. I'd like to see him take over from Jay Leno