Friday, May 14, 2010

I Gotta Clew and A Fry

I have some good new and some bad news. First the good stuff…

Many people, and even a few among you, think that I don’t have a clew. Well I got news for yah. I not only have a clew, but I got an award from her.

She gave me this award, not because I am one of the girls (though I do like being among the girls - especially when booze and nudity is involved) but because she is my friend.

I believe Clew is the one who has been with me the longest and though she post sporadically, she does pen a great blog. Smart lady this one. Go visit her and make her your best friend, too.

This next award is right up my alley. The Sex and Fun Award is from two NY ladies, Lizzie and Ellie, who write about adult stuff in a fun way.

You need to hop over to Sex N Fries and read there cool stuff and give your opinions on their surveys.

Guaranteed to wet your whistle, blow your skirt, cock your pistol and completed keep you informed and entertained. Go on. Get over there, now.

And Thank You, Ladies for these two awards.

Ohm Yeah! The Bad News…I don’t follow directions, I buck authority, and I don’t do what I’m told unless sex is involved.

With this disclaimer out of the way, let it be known that I rarely, if ever, forward awards. Mainly because I admire and enjoy ALL my peeps and I will not pick out one over the other. Don’t like it? Bit me!

So I’ll just award these to all of you who want them. Feel free, please. If you want the rules to post on your sites, go to Clew or SnF and see what you have to do.


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