Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010 - Lest We Forget

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As you all know, today is Memorial Day. A day when we pay homage to our fallen heroes from all wars.

I am posting two YouTube videos that touch me deeply. They are both the same song by Trace Atkins (Trace Rocks) but with different videos. They are the best of the best and honors those who deserve the praise.

I posted this one last year, but it is so powerful that it deserves to be posted again. I really like that he takes off his hat in a salute to the Cadets standing behind them. They are the one’s who will be carrying on the defense of our Nation.

This is the same song, but the pictures are ones I have never seen before and is produced by a Cadet in the class of 2012.

I so totally agree that we need to pray for peace. Strongly and often.

But I also know that as long as there are men and women who craves one more dollar, a little more power, a stronger stance in their religion, or wants something someone else has, peace will never be.

Every generation since Adam has had their war or conflict, and I don’t believe this will ever change. Sadly we will loose our young, and if we are not watchful, we will be loosing more than that. That is why we need a strong, well funded and supplied military.

But for today, it is about those who gave their all for what ever reason they were fighting. The Georgia Monument on the Gettysburg battlefield states,
“…We sleep here in obedience;
When duty called, we came;
When country called, we died”

As it is with all our heroes.

Personally, I will be honoring my buddy Dan's friends, the 74 lost with the sinking of my ship, and a wonderful artist, Bobby Kro, who just passed away. He was a Marine who also has a Marine son being deployed for his second tour this month.
My pal, Ed, said in a comment, "Men like this make me embarassed and unworthy to call myself a veteran."

God bless them all and peace for the families they left behind.


Jamie said...

Awesome post. True words.

You are just pretty special, you know?

Thanks so much for your kind words.

I hope your holiday is beautiful. :)

Coffeypot said...

Poor Jamie! There is absolutely nothing special about me. I'm just your everyday, common pervert trying to get through life one dirty joke at a time.

Miss Em said...

Nothing Special about me...
Coffeypot don't try to be humble because all of us know that you ARE special so humble doesn't work.

Your post has brought tears to these old eyes and a need to go to my personal alter and bend my knees for a few minutes.

Miss Em

The Empress said...

Gave me chills.

I've never heard of this song before.

Thank you.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

John, here's to you and all of the brave men and women from our military who have served and are currently serving.

Thanks to all of you.

Trina said...

Wonderful post! Were it not for people like you, where would we be? Thank you for all you and all of the other vets did. You are all my heroes!

clew said...


You know me, Coffeypot. This vet shit gets to me every time. ;)

Thanks for your service, brother.

rxBambi said...

quit making me cry dammit!

thanks for posting... and for serving... and for remembering... and for reminding the rest of us poor slobs like me...