Friday, July 09, 2010

Not To All Hunters

My Third Post of the Day.

I'm on a roll folks.

Note To All Hunters:
This is from a San Francisco newspaper

Peeps, just remember as you read this, this person probably drives & votes.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is so classic!!!!

June said...

Oh my, my, my.... Who produced that child? Let us pray they don't reproduce.

ScoMan said...

I think that person is a good example of why we should start producing soylent green.

I don't want to eat people, but I just see it as a good way of thinning out the numbers a bit.

Tracie said...

There is an epidemic of idiocy going on. That's just sad. Funny but sad.

Miss Em said...

Reminds me of last year when the twit stood in front of a city council and spouted her liberal "crap" about how everone should respect the animals and not harm them and how we should all become vegeterians because plants don't feel pain.

Wonder what she would do if she was told that it has been proven that plants DO feel pain.

They also enjoy music and you talking to them.
Who would-da thunk that one.

Miss Em

Wrexie said...

...she said as she pulled a wad of money from her leather Coach purse.

Citizen Soldier said...

Out of all the blogs that you posted, that was real good. I am hoping they do not reproduce.